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Bodmin Moor

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Hikers are drawn to this bleak patch of north Cornwall for its desolate beauty and rugged landscape, exploring the rolling moorland before ducking into a local pub for a well-earned pint.

Legend and mythology are the backdrops for this windswept, romantic area of Cornwall, dotted with granite boulders and moorland ponies and cut through by the A30, making it easily accessible for stays or day trips. Bodmin Moor has long provided inspiration for writers such as Daphne du Maurier, who wrote Jamaica Inn after a stay in the area. Walkers aim for the two high peaks of Brown Willy and Rough Tor; from the top, sweeping views of the bleak surrounds provide a great picnic backdrop. The legendary Cheesewring rock formation is another popular hiking landmark. 

Adventurous types should switch on head-torches for the underground tour of the caves at Carnglaze Caverns (a former slate mine with beautiful woodland walks), or visit the famous Bodmin Jail, built with the help of prisoners carrying the tons of granite from a local quarry. Seen a rather large cat skulking about? That will be the fabled Beast of Bodmin Moor, captured fuzzily on camera over the years but not yet caught. Perhaps it is searching for King Arthur's sword Excalibur, said to still be lurking in the dark waters of eerie Dozmary Pool, right in the heart of the moors.

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