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Scarlet Hall - Self-catering accommodation in Malpas, Cheshire

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How investing in interior design can boost revenue.

The owners of The Limit, a sleeps-two property on the north Cornwall coast, invested £25,000 in both an interior design overhaul and exterior landscaping, including the addition of a hot tub. Following a new photoshoot, page rewrite and property relaunch, we saw an immediate upturn in bookings, which coupled with a tariff increase saw a year-on-year revenue increase of £63,000 in a 20-week period.


The Limit, Before


The Limit, After


Owners' Take

‘When Unique Homestays approached us about investing in the interiors of The Limit, in honesty, we were reluctant to do so, as booking levels were strong and feedback from guests really positive. We felt that we didn’t want to spend unless necessary, having always regularly updated the look and feel of The Limit with soft furnishings and accessories, it seemed a little dramatic to propose a real shift of interior direction. However, we agreed to meet with a couple of the interior designers that Unique Homestays recommended and found a really great match in Tabitha Barker, who understood the essence of The Limit and wanted to simply enhance the look we had created to afford a more alternative edge to the existing. In addition to the interior design scheme we carefully considered the outdoor areas; it wasn’t simply about ‘adding a hot tub’ but understanding how guests might best use the space whatever the weather. Once we had committed to the idea of the updates it was a really enjoyable (although slightly hectic process due to fitting around bookings - in which we were fully immersed)! Our ideas, plans and thoughts were an integral part of the process; and ensured that we felt entirely comfortable with all of the changes that were taking place. In honesty, while we hoped that all the updates would have a positive impact on our bookings, we were overwhelmed at the response and we haven’t seen a downturn since!’

Rebecca, The Limit

Rebecca, The Limit Rebecca, The Limit

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