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Introducing our new Wedding and Event Planner

Posted to Guest Bloggers by Tanya on 17th August 2018

As we expand our team here at Unique Home Stays, so too are we adding strings to our bow. New to our offering is a bespoke wedding and event planning service, perfectly tailored to each individual, business, birthday or wedding.

Here, we learn a little more about our Head of Events and New Business, Tanya Sheasby. With gorgeous weddings featured across the front splash of magazines, an affinity to organise treasure hunts in small Italian villages and dabbles in modelling for the likes of Elle and Vogue, Tanya’s talents are seemingly boundless.

In a world of stop signs and obstacles, her motto is simple and clear, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to Unique Home Stays

Born and raised in Edinburgh and with every weekend and holiday spent on a farm in Perthshire, my heart is well and truly in the countryside, although I do appreciate and love all that cities and towns represent too!

Growing up in a large family made me quite sociable, and my ability to talk to anyone at any time was a strong pull into my first few career choices. Originally I trained as an occupational therapist in Aberdeen, eventually working my way up to Head OT where I worked with both the young and old with a range of disabilities. My work was rewarding and challenging and a true grounding in life which I will always appreciate.

After a few years I left the NHS to try pastures new and started working in sports management, advertising, business development and sporting property rental before setting up my own company, which focused on creating entirely original and unique events.

Before all of this and my occupational therapist training, I spent a brief period of time modelling, featuring in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s and Queen, to save enough money to travel to Australia. Once here, I worked on cattle stations and in rodeos.

In my spare time you can find me taking our children and their pet pygmy goats to county shows, which is much more fun than staring at screens all day! I am a firm believer in the outdoors and sport for everyone, after all, it’s about making the effort and taking part, not about how good you are.

How long have you worked within the industry?

I have worked within high-end events and property for nearly 20 years. During this time I have created the most wonderful and unique weekends and weddings for clients, ranging from Rolex employees staying in castles at the Open Championship, to director's holidays with their families in Italy, France and Scotland, to name but a few.

Weddings came to me; I didn’t go looking for them! People, understandably, want to keep their weddings joyous and fun, so employing me to take the pain and frustration out of it left them with all the good parts. I have created both small and intimate weddings of 30 to larger, complex weekend weddings for over 300.

I have flown guests into private airports, orchestrated hot air balloon landings in small rural villages; anything is possible! From vintage carousels in the garden to treasure hunts in 2CV’s around French vineyards – it’s all down to imagination, organisation and asking me to help.

What’s your favourite thing about your role?                                                                    

The variety and meeting people. It takes me everywhere and I meet so many characters along the way.

What’s the most fun/extravagant event you’ve worked on?

The list is very long. One example is when I hot air ballooned clients into a village in France I had hired, then sat them down for dinner followed by a live orchestra and a fireworks display. I have also sent clients on a Fiat 500 treasure hunt in Italy, where four men clambered into each car (that was a funny sight to see!) and drove around the countryside collecting clues.

I also once organised Gary Barlow to sing at a client’s 40th. I picked him up from the airport and had to sneak him into the house and behind the piano, then when the birthday lady came into the room, he started playing – she didn’t realise until he started singing to her!

Tell us about your specialities

I would say my skills have been honed over the years. My ability to stay completely level headed throughout everything is one of the most important; I am there to ensure it all goes to plan and that I melt into the shadows, getting stuck in at any point if required.

I will always find a solution to a problem. Many years ago when I was an occupational therapist, I used to take groups of young adults out fishing. The lifeguard who was supposed to join us kept letting me down, and so to avoid constant disappointment from my group, I did my lifesaving course by getting up at five every morning and going to the local pool for six weeks. That way I could take them out whenever they wanted!

I think I am pretty down to earth and my Scottish heritage gives me quite the fierce and frugal streak! I will search for the most cost effective way of achieving what is needed – I have even been known to have the mother of a bride scanning for vintage milk jugs in charity shops as it was more original and cheaper than hiring them in! Much more fun too!

Want to book Tanya for your unique event or wedding? Email enquiries@uniquehomestays.com for more information.

17th August 2018
by Tanya


Heading up the events side of the business, Tanya has worked on some truly spectacular occasions from celebrity weddings to flamboyant house parties.

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