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Designer Holiday Pads

Once again, Unique Home Stays brings you some of the most exquisite private holiday homes available to rent from around the globe. Whether itís the stunning architecture or designer-led interiors, these properties are guaranteed to inspire. Whatever your passion, weíve houses that range from sleek contemporary to understated antique. And itís not just here at Unique Home Stays that we think our properties are some of the most exclusive homes in the UK and overseas; our prize pads include the winner of Channel Fiveís I Own Britainís Best Home Ė Shire Castle. One thingís for sure, we can guarantee a hedonistic haven thatís top of the league for location, luxury and buckets full of style.

Properties featured in this article: Shire Castle, The Moroccan White House, The White House, Casa Phoenix, The Tower House, Ocean Drive, The River House (old page), Swinbrook Manor & Estate

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