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Unique Home Stays
Unique Home Stays

Curious escapes


Homes of makers, artists and bon vivants, here lie escapes made by those who dare to dream beyond the realms of normality. Each home within these enchanted collections holds a story; stories of artistic legacy, charity balls hosted by Queen and otherworldly architecture inspired by a 1970's sci-fi film. So throw caution to the wind, dive down the rabbit hole and explore wonderlands created by some of Britain's biggest dreamers.


New to our wonderlands

Amaia | Unique Homestays

Cold water therapy

Amaia, Cornwall | Sleeps 10


Built to ship-style stature clinging to the lush green cliffs of south Cornwall, Amaia's expansive sea views dominate the light, colour and atmosphere which flow throughout; a different home with each rushing thundercloud or glowing ray of sun.


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Benetfeld | Unique Homestays

Grand gatherings

Benetfeld, Berkshire | Sleeps 16


An experiential, immersive and extraordinary home near London, Benetfeld's curious collection of objets d'art takes guests on a ride through some of the globe's most stirring events, all whilst exuding an ethereal sense of calm.


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Pearl's on Sea | Unique Homestays

Enchanted cottages

Pearl's on Sea, Winchelsea | Sleeps 8


Adorned with a mosaic of shells and brimming with bohemian tempo, here lies a coastal shack designed with joy. Soft-fringed lampshades and shimmering disco balls throw light in all directions, while a fearless lilt embodies Pearl's on Sea with beatnik charm.


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Limehouse Cottage | Unique Homestays

Cabins in the wild

Limehouse Cottage, Kerry | Sleeps 2


Serving up simple luxury living with raw, organic beauty, Limehouse Cottage embraces the Irish elements in all their untamed glory. Spend days watching the clouds float across the mountains from the glass box living room, and sunsets in the outdoor tub.


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