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This month we explore Britain's best journeys; traversing the country by motor, rail, foot and water taking in some of the most dramatic vistas our wild land has to offer. Such adventures are so often accompanied by wet backpacks, soggy hiking boots and hard beds in remote bothies; but that needn't be the case. The rise of the luxe cabin escape has been gaining traction for years, and the trend looks set to stay. What finer way to discover our country than by hopping from log cabin to log cabin, from deep in forestland to right by the water's edge? With this, we bring our two newest arrivals, retreats crafted out of wood where holistic rejuvenation and time spent in nature is the only name of the game.

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Built by the hands of skilled craftsmen and not far from the pretty fishing village of Portloe, Heidi is a modern hideaway where one can perfectly master the art of idleness. Swing in the hammock beneath the summer sun, enjoy romantic soaks in the outdoor roll top bathtub and let the weekend run away while sharing a bottle of wine by the ancient olive tree.

Unique Home Stays
Ebony Wood

Mysterious and romantic, Ebony Wood is an atmospheric escape surrounded by sweet scented pines and rustling hedgehogs snuffling through the earth. Designed with the dreamer in mind, exposed wood combines with soft sheepskins to create an organic experience inside, while a hot tub and sauna provide warm relief amidst the sounds of the forest.

Unique Home Stays



There is more to this island nation than one could ever imagine, if only you would take a moment to look beyond the well-trodden paths and explore further than where the guidebooks lead. From mountain to sea, fell to river, here is a country bursting with wild landscapes and dramatic vistas, where the curious are rewarded with intimate wildlife encounters and psychedelic sunsets spread out across the horizon... Read the full story

Unique Home Stays
Unique Home Stays
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Unique Home Stays