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Our bespoke Property Finding Service stretches far beyond the country cottages and stately homes of the UK. We know that second homes abroad are becoming increasingly sought after, and so have partnered with carefully selected leading property agents in France and Italy who can help find you your dream holiday home in Europe.

Because we celebrate unique homes all over the world, the Unique Home Stays Property Finding Service stretches far and wide to help find you your perfect unique home stay, wherever it may be in Europe – the limits of which are only bound by your imagination! We do not let language differences or off-the-beaten-track journeys hold us back from finding the most magical and exceptional properties out there.

As well as having a holiday home to enjoy for your own family escapades, owning a second home in Europe could also make you a healthy income. Our wanderlusting guests love to experience hidden gem homes in lesser-known locations, so in order to find you the best property within your budget and preferred location, we have teamed up with some of the best agents in France and Italy. Together, we will provide you with a first-class Property Finding Service to discover you properties fit for inclusion within the exclusive Unique Home Stays portfolio of luxury holiday homes.

We employ our expert knowledge and industry contacts to find and secure you your dream holiday home. We will refer you to our partner agencies in Provence and Le Marche, and oversee the whole process from initial search to completion, providing you support and advice on your quest to find a property in France or Italy. Our bespoke service extends beyond the purchase as we can then market your new home through our award winning portfolio of self-catering properties to generate you a regular income, all of which will be outlined in detail prior to purchase.

Our specialist contacts in France and Italy have been have carefully briefed so that they know exactly what constitutes a winning unique home stay. Whether it be a bijou French château for romantic weekend getaways, or a luxury villa nestled within the Apennine Mountains in Italy, complete with infinity pool looking out over the sparkling Adriatic Sea beyond... let us find you your dream investment home.

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