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Bespoke Property Finding

A specialist Property Finding Service for those looking for a unique home, be that a coastal cottage in Cornwall or hideaway cabin in Scotland

From hideaway houses to lighthouses, woodland cabins to minimalist modern abodes, Unique Home Stays clients are looking for out-of-the-ordinary homes. Undiscovered properties off the beaten track in jaw-dropping locations; our aim is to provide inspiration for the most seasoned of travellers. Whether you are looking for the perfect property to join the Unique Home Stays portfolio as a lucrative business venture, our Property Finding team will endeavour to find the perfect home for you.

Our iconic flagship properties such as The Beach Hut might be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but if this is the style of property that you aspire to, we'll search for a cliff-hanger property with authentic hut appeal. If you have a plot of land with planning permission, we work with architects who can create inspired solutions. From carrying out a property search to visiting the houses and providing visit reports, our Property Finding team select the homes that are best-suited to your requirements, ensuring you find the perfect home as quickly as possible.

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