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Britain in Wonderland

Our small island nation is a mythical land. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales; each corner has a magic of its own. Here we invite you to shrug off your grown-up guise, swandive through the rabbit hole and discover wonderlands hiding legends of sirens and roaring dragons, wonderlands where almost anything is possible.

Curious country homes - Collections

Curious country homes

If you have never sunk into a slipper bath to watch day break over the manicured lawns of your very own private estate, topiary animals emerging through the mist, hedgehogs shuffling to bed and hares hopping between the vegetable patches, well it´s about time you did.

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Cold water therapy - Collections

Cold water therapy

Listen carefully and you´ll hear the siren´s call; a gentle song that echoes amidst the chiming sail masts and lures land folk to the water´s edge. Oscillating ocean tides, sparkling river or glassy loch; let the healing qualities of a life by the water wash over you.

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Enchanted cottages - Collections

Enchanted cottages

In every enchanted corner of the UK, rambling roses scent the air and old stone dwellings invite weekends idled away sipping wine by an open fire. Settled by sparkling lochs on the faraway islands of Scotland or hidden between the heather-clad hills of Wales, the true charm of a country cottage is that no one is like another.

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Grand gatherings - Collections

Grand gatherings

Lawn games and Champagne towers. Swimming pool cannonballing and midnight tea parties under a spray of stars. This is the year to bask in all the gloriousness of a large group gathering from the environs of a glamorous private house.

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Cabins in the wild - Collections

Cabins in the wild

Fashioned by the hands of true craftsmen, enveloped by big skies and snow-dusted mountains; when cabin fever sets in, find the antidote in these woodcutter´s hideaways and salt-weathered beach shacks.

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Fantastical castles, towers and follies - Collections

Fantastical castles, towers and follies

In these ancient dwellings, one can be anything or anyone they wish; from fearless explorer delving into twisted woodlands to brave princess climbing the ramparts of a floating castle in the sky. Though they may be the picture of a fairytale, there will be no rescuing required at these fanciful towers and castles.

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