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Unique Folk

The Unique Folk Loyalty Programme treats every guest as a VIP, with the focus on ensuring your next experience is even better than the last. Follow the links below for all your questions, and for further help don't hesitate to contact us.


When can I start earning points on the Unique Folk Loyalty Programme?

The Unique Folk Programme is a free loyalty scheme accessible to all. You will automatically join and start collecting points from your first stay to put towards your next experience.

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Where can I view the points I have earnt?

Simply log-in to your personal account, where you will be able to view your current point balance. We have also provided recommendations for your next homestays, based on your preferences and where others have booked.

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What is the Unique Folk currency and the value of points?

Points are awarded at a value of one point for every £1 you spend. When spending points the value of one point is £0.02 of a booking, this is standard across all bookings.

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Do my points expire?

We understand how much your holidays mean to you, so we have crafted the programme to allow your next break not to be too far away. Your points will expire after 24 months from your last booking.

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Which part of my booking will the points be applied to?

When you are ready to apply your points to your next experience, our Homestay Specialists will be on hand to assist you finding the right property for you. Your points are only applied to the accommodation cost of your booking.

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If I have enough points to pay for a full booking, am I required to pay any money?

What a fantastic position to be in! The only payment towards your homestay accommodation we will request is a cautionary deposit, which protects the owners, their personal belongings, and the beautiful homes they share with guests.

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If I cancel my booking do Unique Homestays reclaim the points?

Cancellation of a booking is a termination of your contract with the property owner; because of this, we have to treat your instructions to cancel your accommodation as your final decision. Following receipt of your cancellation, we will be required to annul all points earned for the booking.

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Is there a reward if I refer a friend and can I transfer points?

Yes, we highly recommend that you share our Unique Folk Programme with your friends. As an existing guest, you will receive the same points as they do for their first stay. If you wish to transfer points, we simply require each individual person to create an account to use the points.

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Am I still able to opt-in and opt-out of the dedicated newsletters?

Of course. It is at your own discretion if you would like to receive our newsletter, however as loyalty builds you will be able to enjoy exclusive reveals, promotions and updates through this channel, so we recommend joining and promise not to bombard you. 

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Is there a cap on the number of points I can earn?

No, not at all! As you experience more off-the-beaten-path adventures with us, you will receive more points which can be used for future experiences.  

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