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Here at Unique Homestays, we are passionate about marketing properties that are truly unique and breathtaking; wow factor properties that simply can’t be found elsewhere. We’re privileged to offer our guests the key to some of the most amazing and truly individual private homes across the UK and beyond.

As pioneers in the luxury homestay market, Unique Homestays has led the way for more than a decade. From Sarah Stanley’s innovative enterprise in 2001, Unique Homestays has evolved to become a leading brand within the luxury accommodation market. With an exclusive portfolio of over 190 exquisite and inspiring holiday properties across the British Isles, we have built a loyal database of over 50k active subscribers who come to us for the latest in unique property and luxury UK travel news. 

Our discerning guests expect a luxurious escape when they book with Unique Homestays; but as well as indulgence, they crave a holiday experience that will linger in their memory for years to come. From expert in-house chefs, to holistic spa treatments enjoyed in the privacy of their own home, our high earning clientele look forward to receiving outstanding service from the niche affiliate services we recommend.


Unique Homestays




  • Unique Homestays guests are ABC1, high-earning individuals with a disposable income looking for a hassle-free luxury experience.
  • From those that holiday just a handful of times to those that book over ten breaks in a twelve-month period, what our guests have in common is the expectation of excellence that the Unique Homestays brand promises and delivers.
  • The average age range of our guests sits within the 45 - 54 bracket, however, our guests vary from the recently graduated, to families with babes-in-arms, to those well into their retirement.
  • Over the last 12-months, 93% of all Unique Homestays guests stated that they would definitely recommend or return to the property.
  • We have excellent customer loyalty, with more than one in four of our bookings made by a repeat guest.
  • Cash-rich/time-poor individuals relish the opportunity to spend their precious downtime with every whim catered for by our dedicated affiliates.

Website and Social Media

  • 7 million website page views in 2022.
  • Over 50k subscribers.
  • Instagram: 143.5k followers.
  • Facebook: 25k followers.
  • Pinterest: 25k followers. 
  • Twitter: 4k followers.

Unique Homes

  • Each property that comprises the Unique Homestays portfolio is completely exclusive, meaning our homes cannot be found elsewhere.
  • All of our private homes are personally inspected and constantly monitored to ensure standards are kept consistently high.
  • From grand celebration houses to cosy love nests, our beautiful homes set the perfect scene for that special event or romantic proposal just as much as they simply provide an indulgent escape from the perils of city life.
  • Approximately 85% of Unique Homestays properties are child-friendly.
  • 75% of Unique Homestays properties accept pets.

Press and Marketing

In 2021 we generated an average of 28 quality editorials per month across numerous media platforms, Unique Homestays shines in terms of the calibre of editorial and the high level of conversion rates our dynamic marketing strategies accomplish. Having had several appearances on prime time television, as well as frequent editorials in high-quality publications including The Times, The Sunday Times, Condé Nast Traveller, Modern Rustic, The Telegraph, Tatler, Country Living, 25 Beautiful Homes and many more, you can be confident that the Unique Homestays website is regularly showcased to a vast and targeted readership.


Unique Homestays



Your company listing will include

  • A 12-month listing with Unique Homestays featuring as an affiliate for each property specific to the service area of your preference. Your experience will be made visible to guests once their booking has been confirmed, thereby providing the opportunity to request your services.
  • An opportunity to meet the team and showcase your service, our affiliate scheme is built on tried and tested suppliers. 
  • Your company name, one image, and up to a 50-word description.
  • A link to your company website.
  • Monthly click-through figures on request.
  • The benefits of being affiliated with our continued marketing campaigns which include regular editorials in high-end publications.
  • A welcome feature on our monthly newsletter introducing you to over 50k active subscribers.


The pricing structure is based on the number of property pages your company will be featured on and is as follows:

  • 0 - 49 property pages - £1000 (+VAT)
  • 49 - 99 property pages - £1500 (+VAT)
  • 100 - 149 property pages - £2000 (+VAT)
  • 150+ property pages - £2500 (+VAT)


Tillie Harris
+44 (0) 1637 886110


Unique Homestays



"Glo Pamper provides luxurious mobile in-house spa treatments across the UK. The partnership with Unique Homestays has been pivotal in the growth and success of our business. They have given us a fantastic platform in which to showcase our services along with a demographic that fits snugly with our brand in the luxury market. Our excellent customer service reinforces the 'Unique' aspect of staying in their properties, providing a personal and often tailored service for guests’ needs.

With a friendly and professional team at the helm of Unique Homestays, they offer us support when we need it and show a real passion and understanding not only for their business but for ours also.

We are grateful for such a fantastic opportunity and affiliation with a like-minded company and look forward to a continued and successful relationship with them."

Glo Pamper, January 2021

"Dave Sargent Chef Service provides catering for dinner parties and bespoke occasions and I have been working with Unique Homestays for over ten years now.

I have found this affiliation to be an absolute pleasure; they are professional and slick and I have always found the team to be friendly and prompt. They are always efficient at answering any questions and we have found the affiliation very good.

It has given us a window directly into holiday cottages and the effect on bookings is very positive, bringing in more business. Guest feedback is always very good both for the catering side of things and the Unique Homestays properties themselves.

We continue to receive enquiries through Unique Homestays which is great news and we are getting great bookings on the back of this, long may it continue!"

Dave Sargent Chef Service, January 2021


Unique Homestays




Unique Home Stays Ltd agrees to display an advertisement for your business/service within its website www.uniquehomestays.com for a period of one year on the terms and conditions set out below.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting your advertisement copy; in submitting your advertisement copy to us, you signify your agreement to these terms and conditions.

The Unique Home Stays Ltd Advertising Package includes

  • Brand Confidence: The association of your service or business with a highly-acclaimed, reputable and well-known brand.
  • Database: You benefit from a comprehensive, established database of high net-worth, loyal and repeat guests.
  • Web-presence: We maintain the prime ranking of our website and therefore your advertisement, on online search engines through a continuous process of review, keyword maintenance, updates and website development.
  • Additional Marketing: Over and above your web advertisement, you may appear in our monthly Newsletter and/or Press Releases that are created by our in-house marketing department. These are sent out via e-mail to our extensive database of members, discerning guests and key press and PR contacts, and often result in further exposure in high-quality national publications.

Unique Home Stays Ltd Terms and Conditions for Advertisers

1. General Information

1.1. Unique Home Stays Ltd is registered in England and Wales under Company Number 4502158. Our registered address is Stanley Lain House, Trebudannon, Newquay TR8 4LP.

1.2. These terms apply to advertisements on the Unique Homestays website (www.uniquehomestays.com). In these conditions, the ‘Advertiser’ is the person (or their representative) placing the order for the advertisement. An ‘advertisement’ is the material to be
published on the website. ‘Copy’ is the copy, artwork and materials contained within the advertisement.

1.3. By placing an order, the Advertiser accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions in full.

2. Content of Advertisements

2.1. Unique Homestays may without any responsibility to the Advertiser, reject, cancel or require any Advertisement to be amended that it considers unsuitable or contrary to these Terms and remove, suspend or change the location of any such advertisement.

2.2. The publication of an advertisement on the Unique Homestays website does not mean that Unique Homestays accepts the Advertisement has been provided in accordance with these Terms or that Unique Homestays has waived its rights under these terms.

2.3. The Advertiser guarantees to Unique Homestays that:

2.3.1. Any information supplied in connection with the advertisement is accurate, complete, true and not misleading.

2.3.2. They have obtained the consent of any living person whose name or image (in whole or in part) is contained in any advertisement.

2.3.3. Their advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful, not contrary to the provisions of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice (including the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing and all other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority), are not libellous or obscene and do not infringe the rights of any person (including any intellectual property rights).

2.3.4. The advertisement will not be prejudicial to the image or reputation of Unique Homestays.

2.3.5. All advertisements submitted for publication online are free of any viruses and no Advertisement will cause an adverse effect on the operation of the website.

2.3.6. All copy shall comply with the specifications set out on the Rate Card or otherwise specified by Unique Homestays.

2.3.7. If the Advertiser does not provide a finished copy by the scheduled press date Unique Homestays shall be entitled but not obliged to repeat the previous copy supplied by the advertiser.

3. Advertisement Orders

3.1. Where the Advertiser is an advertising agency or media buyer, the Advertiser guarantees that it is authorised by the advertiser of a product or service to place the advertisement with Unique Homestays and the Advertiser will compensate Unique Homestays for any claim made by such advertiser against Unique Homestays. Any mistaken disclosure or failure to disclose entitles Unique Homestays to reject or cancel the order.

3.2. Cancellations cannot be accepted from Advertisers within 1 week of the agreed Publication date. Requests to cancel Advertising can be made by email or telephone and must be confirmed in writing.

4. Duration of Advertisement

The advertisement will be displayed on the Unique Homestays website for a period of one year from the agreed date of the first publication.

5. Rates and Payment

5.1. Advertisement rates are quoted exclusive of VAT. Rates may be increased at any time and changes to rates will take effect immediately however, any changes to the rates will not apply to orders made prior to the date of such change. Unique Homestays will publish changes in rates online.

5.2. Payment is due within 14 days of invoice. Advertisements are accepted on a prepayment basis and full payment must be received by Unique Homestays before an advertisement will be published on the website.

6. General Conditions

6.1. Unique Homestays reserves the right to, at its absolute discretion, reject or exclude any advertisement submitted or previously accepted for publication.

6.2. The Advertiser agrees to check the correctness of the advertisement. Any complaint concerning the production or publication of an advertisement must be lodged in writing with Unique Homestays within seven days of the advertisement being published online.

6.3. The Advertiser may not recharge a guest for advertising space at an increased rate without written consent from Unique Homestays.

6.4. For advertising including a sponsorship competition or special offer, the Advertiser must provide all details when placing the order.

7. Liability

7.1. Liability of Unique Homestays:

7.1.1. Unique Homestays does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access by users of the website but will use reasonable efforts to provide this. Unique Homestays will not be responsible for any failure or delay affecting access to the website and any Advertisements listed there in any manner where such failure or delay results from any act, omission, interruption, fault or other condition beyond the reasonable control of Unique Homestays.

7.1.2. Unique Homestays will exercise reasonable care in preparing and publishing an advertisement but if such advertisement is not published in accordance with the Accepted Order (other than through the act or default of the Advertiser) or pursuant to Unique Homestays’ rights under Clause 2.1, Unique Homestays’ maximum liability shall be limited to the amount of any payment made for the advertisement. No compensation shall be payable for any error misprint or omission which does not materially detract from an advertisement.

7.1.3. Where an Advertiser registers a complaint Unique Homestays may, (subject to clause 2.1 above) at the Advertiser's request, carry a further or corrected advertisement of a similar type and standard to the advertisement which has not been published in accordance with the Accepted Order in lieu of any monetary claim by the Advertiser.