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Haute hibernation

Haute hibernation

A new season is coming one made for the homebodies and epicureans. This winter brings a chance to reclaim your time and reconnect with nature. So put a match to the kindling and hunker down in haute hibernation.

Luxury self-catering cottages for couples and solo travellers across the UK & Ireland; the perfect winter getaways.

For Sanctuary

From the sea, to the shires, to the deer-sipping lakes these are places for the lovers, the solo travellers and the ´there’s-no-place-like-homes´ of the zodiac. Here´s to revelling in grey-sky days and battening down the hatches in romantic cottages across the UK this winter.

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Luxury winter breaks and self-catering cottages; family holiday homes with hot tubs, dog-friendly gardens and coastal views.

For Kin

Games are won, tables laid, and stories made within the walls of these hideaways. Here are cottages wrapped in the smell of earth after rain, homesteads where families tuck into supper, and country manors where slumbering hounds feign marathons at the fireside.

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Large winter breaks and self-catering group gatherings in luxury country homes and manor houses with pools across the UK.

For Gathering

If, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, you find yourself frequently trailed by twelve or twenty, only the largest homes will do for family gatherings. Scoop up your little ones and the grandparents too, there’s merrymaking to be had.

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Pictured properties are The Sanctuary, Alba Beach House, and Verte.

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