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Exclusive Holiday Rental Agency

Unique Home Stays guests are looking for luxury experience breaks in real private homes; to immerse themselves in all the things that make your house your home

From boho beach cottages to eccentric manor houses, we market out of the ordinary holiday homes that inspire us. There’s not a prescriptive list of must-haves for a Unique Home Stays property, but if we feel excited about the prospect of staying then it’s likely others will too. Our aim is to afford guests an escape from the everyday, whether that’s waking to a sea view, wandering where the air is clear, or holidaying amidst inspiring interiors. Whatever’s motivated you to explore opening the doors of your home to paying guests, we’re glad that you’re considering us as your exclusive luxury marketing agent.

We’re passionate about unique homes and as the most exclusive luxury marketing holiday rental agent in the UK, we’ll ensure that your home doesn’t sit idle when you’re not in residence. Whether you’re looking for us to market your home for just a few weeks a year while you holiday, or if it’s year-round bookings you’d prefer, our bespoke marketing offers a flexible approach for the right property. If you are already marketing your home either independently or with another holiday rental agency it’s worth finding out how we might be able to make your home work better for you.

Introduce us to your unique home

Owners' Take

"Thank you so much for details of who does what at Unique Home Stays, it paints a beautiful picture of a very well oiled company. I love that I am part of your incredible portfolio and just want to say that everyone that I have had the pleasure of speaking with in your amazing team are an inspiring group of human beings. So committed and conscientious, creative and friendly."

Juliette, Alchemy Hill

Juliette, Alchemy Hill

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