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Owner's Take

The relationships that we share with our property owners is an integral part of the success of Unique Home Stays; here our owners share their experiences


I can’t believe the interest we are getting not to mention the bookings! Long may it continue. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Theodora´s Cottage


I’m thrilled with how everything is going so far: super-efficient team, website and systems, and it’s great that there have been so many bookings far. Thank you very much for everything.

The Wilds


Thank you for your kind words. Lou and I absolutely love what we do here. We have met some wonderful people and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to give our guests an experience that they will (hopefully) never forget. Thanks to all of you at Unique Home stays for providing us with such wonderful guests. They all refer to Unique Home stays in a complimentary way, particularly your professionalism.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and for keeping our bookings at such a great level. You are doing a super job, so give yourselves a big pat on the back and hugs all round!



We would like to thank all of you at Unique Home Stays for all your hard work and effort this last twelve months. The booking levels and revenue you have achieved for us have way surpassed our expectations, the office staff are always polite and helpful (even with a sometimes grumpy welsh farmer!) and any problems are dealt with swiftly.



Thanks to you and all the team for the great service you provide. It really is much appreciated.

The Viewing Gallery


Thank you so much for your hard work since Winsmore Cottage had a makeover. I am delighted with the increased income as a result of higher tariffs and I´ll have no hesitation whatsoever about another makeover when it becomes necessary.

Winsmore Cottage


Katherine and I are both very pleased to see that Seaglass had the most bookings during the last quarter and would like to thank Paul and Mark for their help in the styling and photo shoot.



I honestly can’t believe how amazingly Filly Island is doing! I LOVE Unique Home Stays, especially all the lovely girls that work there, everyone is so efficient and helpful, thank you for making Filly Island such a success.

Filly Island


Unique Home Stays are a wonderful team doing an amazing job on my behalf and I would very much like you to know how much I appreciate it. I´m looking forward to another year in your capable hands.



The professionalism and care that is afforded by you all at Unique Home Stays is well beyond our expectations and you are all to be congratulated. We ask some of our guests about their experience of dealing with you and unanimously they respond with glowing testament to the way that their bookings have been handled. Looking forward into the upcoming year, the signs are there that we will continue to have excellent occupancy levels and we´re looking forward to working with you for another season ahead.



We were extremely impressed with Unique Home Stays from start to finish. Initially we felt the properties were overpriced, as we normally book direct, but the level of service and detail you receive throughout is fantastic, down to a full list of what is in the property and places to go while you are away. It took a lot of work away from us which was fantastic.

Little Otterling


We are very happy with the property page. I think the photography and copy are excellent and thank you for getting it all turned around so quickly. Great news on the level of response so far, it´s very exciting to see it getting booked up! Thanks for all your creative work.

The Spyglass


I am very pleased with the way things are going - I love Unique Home Stays and the way you operate! I´m also very proud to be a part of such a fantastic organisation.



That´s great thanks for the article! We´re hugely impressed by all that the marketing team achieve.

Faerie Door Cottage


First of all I would like to take the opportunity to say it really has been another great year working with the team at Unique Home Stays. I genuinely enjoy working with you all and appreciate all the hard work that is put in to securing each and every single booking. Thank you all!

Bay View


I just wanted to drop you a note to say it has been a pleasure working with you all. We truly do appreciate all the hard work the team at Unique Home Stays always puts into ensuring we are successful and we are looking forward to another successful season.



I have always found members of the Unique Home Stays team to be extremely courteous and professional. I´m also very grateful for suggestions with my tariffs which have increased quite noticeably since I bought the cottage. It´s a real pleasure working with you all.

Winsmore Cottage


I cannot overstate how delighted I am with bookings level and feedback so far; it makes all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the renovation worthwhile! I cannot praise the support, assistance and wise counsel that everybody at Unique Home Stays has provided highly enough. You really make the owner feel part of the team and it is a real pleasure working with you.

The Viewing Gallery


Christmas week went within hours! Wow....

Twelve Penny Barn


Very happy with all our bookings, just love doing the holiday let, meeting lots of nice people and your girls are brilliant in the office!



Thanks for the latest press article! Really pleased with the way the cottage is letting and our visitors are very happy and enthusiastic about so its all good!

Clapper Bridge Cottage


I cannot tell you how excited I am that you have included “Skyfall” in your wonderful portfolio of properties. Once again, many thanks to you and all your team for your assistance and advice, it has been greatly appreciated.



I cannot begin to tell you how delighted we were to open the Saturday Telegraph magazine to see Old Fox Cottage featured within ´Four of the best winter bolt holes´. We are absolutely thrilled! We are very proud it made it into such a prestigious broadsheet, especially in the glossy magazine, and are very proud of Unique Home Stays for getting us in there.

Old Fox Cottage


Another booking has just come in and I thought I should write to acknowledge how well the Fish Store seems to be doing. We are only in February and the house is booking up really well over the year. It´s great and the Unique Home Stays team are doing a fantastic job

The Fish Store


It was great to see it ‘live’ on Unique Home Stays and really exciting to get our first ever booking!!!! big smiley faces at the Peck household that day : ) .... still can’t believe we had 6 bookings/provisional bookings on the first day .... unbelievable! We are really thrilled that people like what they have seen and want to come and stay. Still buzzing a few days later!

The Limit


Given this is day one (hour 2!), we are excited by the response already! Goes to show how your marketing machine kicks!

Selsey Beach House


So pleased with the article in Self Build and Design... I can´t quite believe we have featured in three magazines this month, how fab! Thanks so much for your hard work.

The Limit

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