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The Limit | Self-catering accommodation in Holywell Bay, Cornwall

Owners' Take

The relationships that we share with our property owners is an integral part of the success of Unique Homestays; here our owners share their experiences


You are all such a brilliant team. You are all first-class with first-class service and I´m so proud to be a tiny grain of sand in all of this. Each one of you at Unique Homestays are amazingly helpful and such kind people. My greatest respect and kindest of wishes to each and every one of you.

Thank you to the entire team at Unique Homestays for your superb and professional efforts over the last few months. It has been very impressive. Congratulations on weathering the storm! Here´s to the sunshine!

A big thank you to the whole of the Unique Homestays team, 2018 has been a great success for the Lost Cottage. I´m confident we can get a few more guest booking for this year and even exceed the already fabulous result.

I’m thrilled with how everything is going so far; super-efficient team, website and systems and it’s great that there have been so many bookings so far. Thank you very much for everything.

I honestly can’t believe how amazingly Filly Island is doing! I LOVE Unique Homestays, especially all the lovely girls that work there, everyone is so efficient and helpful, thank you for making Filly Island such a success.

Another booking has just come in and I thought I should write to acknowledge how well The Fish Store seems to be doing. We are only in February and the house is booking up really well over the year. It´s great and the Unique Homestays team are doing a fantastic job.

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