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Unique property finding

Switching from guest to owner? Allow us to provide expert help in all aspects of that exciting process

Some happy guests move on to becoming our own Unique Homestays property owners: if this idea appeals, here's how we can help you find and purchase the rental property of your dreams

We love our existing range of bespoke, nationwide unique properties, and we also love finding news ones, especially for happy clients who have decided to become owners. To help you make that lucky leap we provide a detailed search for iconic properties in amazing locations, all the time following a description of what you're looking for when it comes to pinning down an out-of-this-world holiday home. Working as your personal property finders, we'll team up with the best search and acquisition companies to discover a perfect place that's a standout addition to the Unique Homestays portfolio.

The property finding agency will work on a search fee and success fee basis, and we'll stay close throughout the buying process, liaising with estate agents and solicitors and joining you on property visits, as well as providing you with visit reports. Whether you have a specific locality in mind or just want an investment property with no further specifics aside from budget, we will advise you as to the very best investment. We also have a bookful of useful contacts from solicitors to architects, and can help work out the spend required to make sure your new acquisition has a unique and beautiful flavour.

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