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Limehouse Cottage - Self-catering accommodation in Coomasaharn, County Kerry

Unique property finding

If you’re looking to invest in your very own unique homestay, let us assist. We’ll find the most individualistic home to ensure the best return for you

Whether you’ve holidayed with us previously, or are simply looking for a profitable project to undertake, we can unearth unique and often off-the-radar properties perfect for the Unique Homestays portfolio.

We’re passionate about our portfolio of bespoke unique properties, and there’s nothing we love more than discovering new and inspirational homes. For those of you who don’t have the time to dedicate to finding the perfect property, we provide a detailed search for iconic properties in amazing locations; you can rest assured that we’ll uncover the perfect property for you, from a profitability as well as personal perspective. Partnering with the best property finding agents throughout the UK, we’re confident that we’ll find you a selection of idyllic homes from which to choose.

The property finding agency works on a search fee and success fee basis, and we'll stay close throughout the buying process, liaising with estate agents and solicitors and joining you on property visits, as well as providing you with visit reports with an annual income projection. Whether you have a specific locality in mind or just want an investment property with no further specifics aside from budget, we will advise you as to the very best investment. We are also able to put you in touch with solicitors to architects, as well as advising on the interior spend required to make sure your new acquisition has a truly unique flavour.

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