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Limehouse Cottage - Self-catering accommodation in Coomasaharn, County Kerry

Unique property finding

Looking to invest in your very own unique homestay? Let us assist.

Whether you’ve holidayed with us previously or are simply looking for a profitable project, we would love to help you unearth one-of-a-kind properties perfect for the Unique Homestays portfolio.

For many, property searches can be a lengthy and often emotive process. In order to assist, we've built a range of niche services designed for those who would benefit from some assistance. We use our specialist knowledge and little black book of contacts to find those rare, hidden gem homes that hold the most potential in providing a lucrative return.

If you’re already scouring property platforms to try and find your holiday home, you’re welcome to send us the details. If it looks like a promising rental, we’ll provide some initial suggestions on how to maximise the appeal of the property for the luxury self-catering market, along with an annual income projection (subject to any modifications suggested or required). We can provide a full detailed report on completion of a visit.

Alternatively, you can join our database to receive updates on properties for sale within our existing portfolio (along with performance reviews and projections), as well as those on the open market which we feel hold strong potential. While there is no registration fee, should you purchase a property we introduce, we ask for 0.75% of the purchase price.

We are able to offer a dedicated and bespoke search if you are looking in a specific area and have a budget in excess of £800,000. We'll recommend agents along with properties that have been assessed by us for portfolio suitability. If a property is of interest we will visit and provide a full report with income projections, as well as recommendations on how to maximise revenue. We work closely throughout the process, but the contract for this service lies between yourself and the search agent.

Property finding agencies work on a search fee and success fee basis, and we'll be on hand throughout the buying process by joining you on visits, advising you in order to make the very best of your property. We can also connect you with specialists spanning from solicitors to landscape gardeners and architects, as well as provide advice on the interior spend required to ensure your new home has a truly unique identity.

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