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Unique property finding in the UK

Whether you’ve holidayed with us previously or are simply looking for a new venture, our Property Team are on hand to advise on which homes have most investment potential and will prove a standout addition to our portfolio.

If a property has already caught your eye, then you’re welcome to share the details of such with us. If the house looks like a good fit for the portfolio, we’ll provide initial thoughts in terms of investment required, along with an annual income projection. We can provide a more detailed report on completion of a property visit if this is something you would like to explore.

In addition, you are welcome to join our database to receive updates on homes for sale within our existing portfolio (along with performance reviews and projections), as well as those that are on the open market with strong investment potential. While there is no registration fee, should you purchase a property, we work to a 0.75% fee of the purchase price in recognition of the introduction.

If you are looking for a more focused approach, we are able to connect you with regional search agents to seek out remarkable properties, sometimes before they even come on the market. They will provide a dedicated search on your behalf if you are looking in a specific area and have a budget in excess of £800,000. If a property they find is of interest to you, we will visit and provide a full report with income projections, as well as recommendations on how to maximise revenue.

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