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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Unique Home Stays as my property search agent?

We sort the wheat from the chaff, the interesting from the mundane so that you do not have to waste your valuable time in endless searching, unnecessary journeys and disappointing appointments! Using our extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the niche luxury accommodation market, Unique Home Stays will do all the running about so you will only see the best prospects for you particular specification. Moreover, because we know which properties work best as luxurious accommodation, you can be confident that if we indicate that a property has potential (even if you cannot see it!), we know what we're talking about. We will work to your budget and other requirements to oversee the entire buying process ensuring that you acquire the perfect new property with the minimum of stress.

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How does Unique Home Stays source a property?

To find you a property, Unique Home Stays will search the internet, developers’ sites, auction houses, local and national press, national and independent estate agents and any properties being sold privately in a discreet manner as well as our own database of unique, beautiful properties.

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After I have instructed you, should I continue to look on my own?

That is entirely up to you! However, do remember that you have employed us to carry out a detailed search. This usually means if you continue to search yourself you will only be duplicating effort!

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Are you able to recommend solicitors, surveyors, removal firms, builders and so on?

Absolutely! Once the sale has been agreed we can provide a selection of solicitors, mortgage and insurance advisors, architects, planning consultants, interior and garden designers, builders and removal companies.

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Why should we use Unique Home Stays when we could be dealing direct with an estate agent?

Simply, because we deal with a number of estate agents simultaneously we can probably work more efficiently than you can – we know the people that count within the agencies and they know Unique Home Stays too. We are not in competition with estate agents. Instead, we work in concert with estate agents who consider us an essential part of their business because of the quality of our clients. Quality clients like you that know exactly what they are looking for and this allows the estate agent to sell their property faster and more effectively because they do not have to actively market the property. Unlike an estate agent we know exactly what to look for in a property with potential to join our unique portfolio. Additionally and importantly, we have no hidden agendas and always have your best interests at heart, so we will provide you with a realistic appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of a property.

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How quickly will you be able to provide me with results?

That depends on your property requirements and market availability. We would normally expect to provide you with results to our initial searches within 10 days of you requesting our services.

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Will I be penalised if I start a search but do not proceed?

No. Other than the Service Fee that you have already paid, if your circumstances change during the search period and you do not buy or rent a property, no additional charges will be due.

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Can I be involved in the process?

Of course! You can have as much or as little involvement as you like. It is perfectly acceptable to us if you just want our expertise and honest advice, but want to negotiate yourself.

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How many properties will be shortlisted?

This depends on you! If you have very definite requirements then we may only highlight two or three potential properties. If your specification is less defined and more flexible, we might find 10 properties for you to consider.

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Will you handle purchase funds for me?

Regrettably not, all funds will need to go through the usual channels via solicitors and banks.

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What other help will you provide?

Viewings Your Unique Home Stays Property Finder will personally inspect every property that you nominate, to save you the task. After each visit, we will write a comprehensive report which will indicate whether the property has the potential to join our portfolio of beautiful luxury homes. Should you want to visit a property yourself, we can arrange this with the estate agent on your behalf.

Negotiation Once you have requested to proceed with a property purchase and providing there is no conflict of interest, we can form a detailed negotiation strategy to help secure the property for you at the very best price. Remember, your Property Finder will have strong relationships with local agents that can often tip the balance in our clients favour when entering competitive bidding situations.

Property Reports We commit to providing you with regular updates throughout the entire purchase process so that you are always aware of the work we are doing and the current progress situation. Succeeding each property visit, we will write a comprehensive report to indicate whether the property has potential to join our exclusive portfolio of luxury homes as well as information on the local area and further information about the property itself.

Conveyancing and Beyond On your request, we can manage the entire buying process, ensuring continued and regular communication with all interested parties on both the buyer’s and vendor’s side. We will also be able to provide contact details of trusted partners who can assist with matters such as renovations, removals and property maintenance to ensure the first stages of your property acquisition run as smoothly as possible for you to take full advantage of your new home stay!

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