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Frequently asked questions

How can you help?

You are welcome to send the details of properties you find from your own research. If it has portfolio potential, we will provide suggestions on how to maximise appeal, along with an annual revenue projection. Should you wish us to visit, we will provide a detailed report inclusive of works required, contacts of the interior designer best suited for the project and a bespoke pricing structure so you can understand what tariffs could be achieved per week and per short break across the seasons. We charge a visit fee of £250, though this is refunded once the property joins the portfolio.

You can also join our database and if we see a property that meets your criteria, we'll share it with you. These alerts could feature existing portfolio properties whereby the owners are selling or they might be homes we’ve seen on the market, but not yet visited, and are worthy of sharing. There is no registration fee, however, should you purchase a property we introduce, we charge 0.75% of the purchase price.

For a more focused, bespoke search, we can recommend regional property search agents who benefit from location specific knowledge, regularly speaking with estate agents to hear about property sales before they come onto the market. We can put you in touch if you are looking in a specific area and have a budget in excess of £800,000. If a property introduced by a search agent is of interest, we will visit free of charge and provide a full report. We work closely throughout the process, but the contract for this service lies between yourself and the search agent.

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Why join the For Sale database?

With 20 years of experience within the luxury accommodation market, we understand what our guests are looking for, which properties consistently prove popular, and can identify those properties that will maximise your return effectively. It is free to join, we only ask for a fee if you purchase a property we introduce. On rare occasions, existing property owners will sell their homes as ongoing businesses. We are the first to know and can notify those looking for the perfect investment property. We’ll also circulate homes that have not previously been listed within the portfolio, but we feel that they’re worthy of a closer look.

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How often will I receive database alerts?

This is dependent on your property requirements and market availability therefore the timeline can vary. When joining the database, we’ll periodically email you when a portfolio property is going to be sold, or, when we see potential in a property on the open market. You can expect correspondence of this nature to be via email, though you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time or call us to update your preferences if your search criteria has changed. If you decide to work with a search agent, it is best to speak with them directly to understand the frequency of results.

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If I opt for the search agency option, how do they source a property?

The search agencies we recommend have regional consultants throughout the UK providing local and specialised market knowledge. With extensive contacts in the industry, they will search for properties that are both pre-market and off-market. Should you decide to undertake a dedicated search with one of our recommended agents, you will also be kept abreast of any properties from within the Unique Homestays portfolio that might be available to purchase.

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Do I need a minimum budget in order for you to assist?

If you wish to sign up to our database we suggest a minimum budget of £600,000. If you are hoping to work with a search agent you need a budget in excess of £800,000.

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Can you help me with interior design and landscaping too?

Yes, we're also able to put you in touch with specialists spanning from solicitors to landscape gardeners and architects, as well as advise on the interior spend required in order to make sure your new home is unique.

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What do I do if I have a complaint?

Please refer to our complaints procedure.

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