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Frequently asked questions

Why use Unique Homestays?

We are experts within the luxury accommodation market and, working alongside carefully-selected property search and acquisition agents, are able to identify those properties that will maximise your return most effectively. We only visit the properties that perfectly suit your brief and are very selective in those that are proposed to you.

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How does the property search and acquisition company source a property?

The search and acquisition company we exclusively work with have regional consultants throughout the UK providing local and specialised market knowledge. They have extensive contacts in the industry and will search for properties that are pre-market and off-market. As well as this, you will be kept abreast of any properties from within the Unique Homestays portfolio that might be available to purchase and, like the agency, we are also often contacted by sellers who are looking for a discreet service to put forward their properties to potential purchasers.

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Why use a property search agent instead of estate agents direct?

Our exclusive coming together with one of the very best property and acquisition agencies in the country means that we're the first to know when it comes to a unique property that is new to the market. Due to our joint contacts and reputation within the industry, we enable agents to sell their properties promptly, often without having to actively market. This unique team of in-house property consultants and search and acquisition agents enables true insight into insider information relating to a realistic return on investment. Additionally and importantly, our aim is to find the right property without any bias to agents, then provide honest, candid feedback highlighting the attributes and weaknesses of any property viewed.

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How quickly will you be able to provide me with results?

This very much depends on your property requirements and market availability, but the initial search is for a period of six months.

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What other assistance will you provide?


Together with the search agency, your Unique Homestays property consultant will accompany you to the UK-wide properties from your shortlist. Post-visit, we will write a comprehensive report detailing the attributes of the property from a Unique Homestays perspective. We would recommend that you also carry out a visit prior to an offer being placed.


Once you have requested to proceed with a property purchase, a negotiation strategy will be proposed to help secure the property for you. It is the agency’s experience of property negotiations and established relationships with local agents that can often prove beneficial when entering competitive bidding situations.

Property reports

Regular updates will be provided throughout the entire purchase process. We build a strong rapport with our clients; understanding your needs is an integral part of our success. Following on from each property visit, we provide you with a comprehensive report indicating whether the property has potential to join the Unique Homestays portfolio, taking into account key property information in addition to supplementary information on the local area.

Conveyancing and beyond

We can provide contact details of trusted partners – from mortgage and insurance advisors to architects and planning consultants, in addition to the finer details including renovations, removals and property maintenance, ensuring that the first stages of your property acquisition run as smoothly as possible.

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