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The Limit | Self-Catering Accommodation in Holywell Bay, Cornwall

What makes a Unique Homestay?

There is no checklist for what makes a Unique Homestay. There is however a running theme; extraordinary homes in breathtaking locations. Simple.

Unique Homestays is selective by nature and, like a wise man once said, natural selection is anything but random. Our exclusive collection is ever evolving. Since 2001, we have refined a meticulous membership process that ensures we represent only the most iconic and individualistic private homes on offer at any given time. The portfolio features a miscellany of homes; from crooked fishermanís cottages to chic beach houses, manor houses that make you feel two-feet-tall and the modern masterworks of Britainís most acclaimed architects and interior designers. Whilst exquisite design to some comes in the form of perfect symmetry and elegant Georgian architecture, we know there are others whose idyllic escapes come in the form of rambling bohemian farmhouses and rustic cabins hidden in the hills - far from the bright lights of the city.

Each home holds personal touches which reflect the personality of the owners; whether in their artwork collections, well-thumbed libraries or favourite wines selected for their welcome hampers. Itís not just the inspiring properties, discreet hosts and spectacular locations that are the hallmarks of a Unique Homestay. As a guest at some of the finest hidden gem homes in the world, you are invited to truly embrace the province. Connect with the culture through tasting fresh local cuisine, dive into seasonal literary and music festivals and get up-close-and-personal with nature on guided hikes, boat rides or safaris. Together with our owners we curate bespoke property house books that act as insider guides during your stay, leaving you to explore as much (or as little!) as you wish. For those searching for the antidote to everyday life, the journey starts here.

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