In September 2019 we entered into a partnership with Rewilding Britain where, for every booking made by you, we donate to the restoration of our country’s fragile ecosystems. Since then, we have contributed over £10,000, supporting the launch of the Rewilding Network and in turn bringing together rewilders across more than 145,000 hectares, plus nine marine projects.

Along with this, Rewilding Britain have reported several large accomplishments including two pioneering reports and influencing the government’s £640,000,000 Nature for Climate fund.

It is not news that we are living through a climate emergency and with temperatures expected to race far beyond the global targets of 1.5C*, every moment and penny spent regenerating the ground on which we tread, is well spent indeed.

What is rewilding?

Put simply, rewilding is allowing nature to journey back to itself, to let native trees, flowers, shrubs and peatlands flourish and in turn encourage the return of native wildlife. Regenerating healthy ecosystems which look after themselves can help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, locking it away in living tissue, along with restoring the strength of river banks, biodiversity and boosting rural economies.

“Rewilding isn’t about striking a deal with nature to help balance the carbon exchange equation, it could also help slow down extinction rates,” says Gillian Burke in an article for Rewilding Britain, “Think of it as a two-for-the-price-of-one solution to restoring nature’s own built-in resilience to ride out the blips and spikes of a changing climate, but enriching the diversity of life.”

“Rewilding has already returned some of the most heavily worked landscapes into thriving, healthy habitats underpinned by the recovery of once rare and keystone species. What we’ve seen in these tiny pockets of hope is, give nature an inch, and she’ll take a mile.”

To see how the reintroduction of wolves transformed the landscape of Yellowstone National Park in the United States, watch this short video.

Where have our donations gone?

Specifically, the donations made possible by you have created The Rewilding Network. A place where landowners, land managers, marine projects and local groups can come together to support each other, with expert on-the-ground help and advice available.

Currently, there are 157 rewilding projects in action, nine marine projects and 207 members connecting and sharing. From communities in action to private landowners, projects include the restoration of native oyster beds in Loch Caignish, the reintroduction of long lost keystone species, workshops and beaver watching across 150 acres of farmland in North Devon, and thriving eco-tourism in the Lake District.

Since the inception of our partnership in 2019, Rewilding Britain has made enormous, progressive strides in the forms of reports championing nature based economics and how rewilding will help Britain’s nature adapt to a rapidly changing climate, influential petitions calling on the government to make our National Parks wilder, and confirmation that rewilding is now recognised as a land use option within the Environmental Land Management System.

With this comes a heartfelt thank you for choosing to support us, and in turn Rewilding Britain. Every single booking, however small, contributes to the study, support and action of allowing our precious ecosystems to rewild themselves to their most natural form.

*Statistics via Climate Action Tracker