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Luxury self-catering accommodation in Stoke Gabriel

The ‘jewel of the Dart’, this quintessential village rests on a creek of the River Dart in South Devon's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering a tranquil escape where the ebb and flow of tides set the rhythm of life.

At first glance, Stoke Gabriel may seem like just another picturesque riverside settlement, but delve deeper and you'll uncover a place where age-old traditions intertwine with a lively local spirit. This historic parish, hugging the banks of a River Dart tributary, is a maze of winding lanes and a delightful jumble of cottages, punctuated by landmarks spanning from the Norman-era St Mary and St Gabriel Church to the Mill Pond. The village's heart beats around this pond, a constant hive of activity where sailors, kayakers, and paddle boarders glide across glassy waters. Wild swimming devotees brave the crisp waters, while spectators picnic on the banks.

The village green, overlooked by an ancient yew tree said to be over 1,000 years old, serves as a focal point for local life. Legend has it that walking backwards seven times around its gnarled trunk will grant your heart's desire. For a taste of local culture, try your hand at crabbing from the quay – a pastime that's as popular now as it was centuries ago. Ramblers and botanists can explore the apple orchard or lose themselves in Hoyle Copse. Gourmands will delight in the seasonal bounty, from Dartmouth crab and Brixham scallops to sweet Clovelly herrings, while oenophiles can sample the emerging natural wines from nearby vineyards.

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