Our guide to luxury holidays in England

It's the land of standing stones and sponge cakes, a place where tea runs in rivers and dogs reign. Our Unique guide to luxury holidays in England is every bit the who's-who of the land's quirkiest and quaintest homes.

We know a place where scholars roam collegial streets. Where, all at once, crowns are laid with sapphires and wellies are speckled with sand. There’s cream teas that send farmhouse tables buckling under the weight of clotted cream and jam, and chips to be eaten in locales where the very air is filled with salt. With Saxon kingdoms that sprout up next to streams and a pub culture that fuels even the most secluded hamlet, our guide to luxury holidays in England covers village markets piled high with wares and Wensleydale, and where to find Yorkshire puds on Sundays. Zip to the sea for a surf retreat, or try your hand at palaeontology in Dorset; all in one place.

From Brontë to Milne, Austen to Tolkien, the world’s most celebrated authors made a literary canvas of England; from tumultuous novels set against the wild Yorkshire moors to fantastical tales of honey-hungry bears who lived deep in the woods of East Sussex. There’s diddy stone cottages where two can while away a romantic weekend with the dog at their feet, and there's stately manors where big groups can gather with a private chef. At each curving corner of Old Blighty, from the five shires of the Cotswolds to Cornwall’s wild and windswept beaches to the Alps of Britain (The Lake District), we have homes as unique as the land they lay on.