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Here we come together with our owners, guests and friends to bring you inspiring blog posts to ensure that you can ‘Live Unique’ all year round, long before and after your own Unique Homestays experiences.

Mum’s Fabulous 50th at Mackerel Skies
Mum’s Fabulous 50th at Mackerel SkiesMum’s Fabulous 50th at Mackerel Skies

Travellers' Tales

Mum’s Fabulous 50th at Mackerel Skies

3rd November 2015 by Elizabeth

When it came to organizing a weekend away for Mum’s 50th Birthday, we decided staying close to home would mean more time for relaxation and celebration. Our stay at Mackerel Skies was so wonderful, it made us realise that you don’t have to be a million miles from home to feel as though you are.

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