Oh, those gold-plated days of post-nuptial bubbledom; you might not realise it now, but theyíll come to mean just as much as the ceremony itself. Whether your day is set to be a humble affair or a grandiose wedding fit for the silver screen, one thingís for sure: youíll want to stay in that newlywed fog a little longer. Stop poring over the seating chart; itís time to plan that time with your sweetheart. These are British honeymoons, reimagined: five UK honeymoon ideas for a romantic getaway.

The Sleepymoon


Hereís one for the gentlefolk, the real life "Dream Team" for whom quality time means quiet time. We recommend a sweet cottage in a little village, marked by vegetable shops, sprinkled with vermillion phone boxes, and fragrant with loaves being plucked from bakersí ovens. Think hand-in-hand strolls for wine and frangipane, living like a local, and perhaps finding a place for sale where you could settle outside of the city.

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The Wildermoon


Itís giving The Last Two People on Earth energy. Swap the suit and veil for dungarees and sandals, youíre heading into a hinterland where only beatnik brides dare track. Eco-duos seeking inspiration for their own off-grid homes will spend all day out of doors, picking organic produce for dinner, sipping on spring water, and stretching their legs in biodiverse gardens. Then, when the skies turn to apricot and cream, take your gathered kindling and make like two campers in the American wilderness, hatching plans for that great road trip over campfire símores.

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The Michellinmoon


Let us set the scene: youíre somewhere in the woods having an Eat, Pray, Love moment where thereís room for two. ņ la carte everything. Weíre talking twisting strings of cacio e pepe in a starlit courtyard and peering around leaning stacks of syrup-drenched pancakes at the brunch table. This is a dine-from-home experience, where a private chef can whip up pistachio pancakes, re-create your first date dinner, or conjure up custom Mai Tai The Knot cocktails. Thereís no chance the first married tiff will be about the washing up.

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The Nordimoon


Letís bring the temperature back down (and then back up again); weíre thinking polar plunging in cold lakes followed by hours lingering over negronis in the hot tub, or sea swims followed by a bout in the steam room to sweat out any residual wedding stresses. Even the most modest elopements can put you on pins and needles, so hereís a stay to restore the balance, allowing you to return to your new life rested and glowing, hair washed in soft water, and skin kissed by the sun.

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The Surfmoon


Calling all bohemians, flower children, and hippies of the surf; we invite you to have a salt-whipped sojourn by the sea. Here, days are spent toting a cooler of craft ales down to the sand and setting up a cotton tipi thatíll see you through from sun-up to sundowners. Because the UK is a place where ankle slappers and six-foot barrels live in unison, rookies are just as welcome as water whizzes; all thatís needed is a board, a beau, and broad smiles.

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