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The big five: safari on home soilThe big five: safari on home soil

noun /səˈfɑːri/
an expedition to observe animals in their natural habitat.

Though the word has its origins in the Bantu language of Swahili — and its very sound evokes the savannas of the Serengeti — safari has been shaping a global identity all of its own, one that extends beyond the deltas and deserts of the Okavango and Kalahari. Over time, the concept of safari has come to encompass a thicket of travel experiences outside of Africa; from sailing routes around the Galápagos, to polar tours of Churchill, Manitoba. This year, safari reinvents itself again, making its debut on home soil. So, from Polperro to Pembrokeshire, we’re rounding up our big five: the properties with a front-row seat to all that’s wildlife and wilderness. What it lacks in hyenas and wildebeest, it makes up for in basking sharks, Atlantic puffins, soprano pipistrelles, and perhaps a leatherback turtle or two... even Attenborough himself would be hard-pressed to withhold commentary.



To those who wish to find solace in the natural world, we offer Nevada; a former water bailiff’s home turned copper-clad pad on Cornwall's Drift Reservoir, close to the cormorants, gannets, and basking shark of Newlyn.

A copper-clad house with a glass balcony in a grassy landscape on the Drift Reservoir in Cornwall


The Glasshouse

With its own annual salmon run, The Glasshouse is a grown-up's summer camp. The iconic flash of metallic scales can be seen in spring and autumn, as the migratory fish travel from the sea to the fresh water of the River Teifi.

An aerial view of a house surrounded by shrubs on the banks of the River Teifi in Wales 


Lost Cottage

Lost Cottage and Limehouse Cottage hide in Ireland's answer to Yellowstone: Glenbeigh. With upland lakes attracting golden eagles, peregrines falcons, and mountain goats, it's the kind of scene best seen on horseback... or from bed.

A view through a doorway of a glass-walled bedroom with views over the mountains in Glenbeigh in Ireland



Bringing Cape Dutch architecture and the energy of Stellenbosch's winelands to the South Hams, Leopoldina has a private beach on the River Dart, making easy work of otter-spotting while sipping Pinot from the estate upstream.

A grand, white manor with a modern glass extension on one side and a pool on the other, with a landscaped lawn and creeper vines covering the exterior



Meet Raffia, Polperro's could-be treehouse, whose former owners spent their 1950s childhoods "building basecamps and having barefoot battles.” These days, it's the realised dream of dolphin-spotters and oystercatcher-watchers.

A living room with a chair and woodburner, with double-height floor-to-ceiling windows and views to the balcony overlooking trees and the sea


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Properties featured in this article: Lost Cottage, Raffia, Nevada, Leopoldina, The Glasshouse, Limehouse Cottage

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