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Property Finding Service

Terms and Conditions

Unique Home Stays Ltd Property Finding Service endeavours to find you the perfect property, for inclusion within the Unique Home Stays portfolio. These Terms and Conditions relate to the Unique Home Stays Ltd Property Finding Service within the UK only.


Unique Home Stays, alongside carefully selected property search and acquisition partners, agrees to provide a Property Finding Service to the Client which includes the following:

Brief An initial discussion to ascertain your requirements, without obligation. Your requirements will be detailed to clarify the search focus areas, assessing suitability for the property type you are looking for in terms of the Unique Home Stays portfolio.

Search Once payment of the Search Fee is received, work will begin on your behalf to provide you with potential properties. This search will include internet portals, developers, auction houses, local and national press, national and independent estate agents and any properties being sold privately in a discreet manner.

Visit Unique Home Stays and the agency will keep you informed of the search process at all times, and will provide you with a maximum of 10 properties to consider before requesting that you select your preferred three to progress to visit stage.

Report Alongside the agency, we will accompany you to view the three preferred properties of your choice, assessing their suitability in terms of your brief and the Unique Home Stays portfolio. Post-visit, we will provide you with a property report detailing our findings in addition to any improvements that would be required.

Offer At point of making an offer, the agency can negotiate with the estate agent on your behalf providing there is no conflict of interest.

Property Finding services will be provided for either a period of up to four months, or on provision of the recommendation of 10 properties meeting the client requirements. If a suitable property has not been found by the end of the period agreed, an additional Search Fee would be required.


The Unique Home Stays Property Finding Service fee comprises two elements – a Search Fee and a Success Fee.

Search Fee The Search Fee is £1000 plus VAT. This is a non-refundable fee to the agency which includes the services as detailed above.

The Success Fee The Success Fee is due when the agency successfully secures a property purchase for the Client. The fee is 2% plus VAT of the purchase price or 10% plus VAT, if greater of the saving negotiated between the documented asking price and the final purchase price. The Success Fee is payable on exchange of contracts and is chargeable if the Client purchases a property introduced by the agency, or any other property that the Client instructs the agency and Unique Home Stays to inspect or to enter negotiations on. The Success Fee remains due if the Client purchases any property that meets the conditions outlined above within one year of the contract termination date.

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Property Information

Property Details Unless stated otherwise, all initial property information and photography provided to the Client will be compiled by the agent responsible for vending the property. As such, Unique Home Stays will not have verified that the content or any information is free from errors or inaccuracies.

Rental GuideGuide While income guides are based on our in-depth knowledge of the luxury rental market, Unique Home Stays does not provide a guarantee of achieving the predicted income. Any comments made are opinion-based and with the Unique Home Stays clientele in mind, and are for guidance purposes. Any appraisal, comment or opinion given is not to be taken as any form of guarantee. Clients must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any details provided before purchase of the property.

Conflict of Interest

Any comments and appraisals, verbal or written, are strictly confidential between Unique Home Stays, the agency and the Client.

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Any comments and appraisals, verbal or written, are strictly confidential between Unique Home Stays, the agency and the Client and are not to be discussed with or divulged to any third party.

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Either party may terminate this referral agreement at any time by giving the other party 10 days prior written notice. Property transactions involving Clients referred by or to Unique Home Stays prior to the cessation date of the agreement will remain subject to the terms agreed above.

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Governing Law

This agreement is governed by English law with English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction.

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