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Luxury Coastal Holiday Homes For Sale

Unique Buyers Whether you are looking to relocate, searching for the perfect property for a holiday home or on the hunt for an investment property in Cornwall this is the section for you. If it is a holiday home that you might want to let out, or an investment property you are searching for, we can offer advice in terms of everything from what Unique Home Stays clients are looking for in a holiday home, to expected revenue that your chosen property could generate.

Unique Sellers Do you have a cottage for sale in Cornwall or Devon that might be of interest to Unique Home Stays buyers? We are specifically looking for coastal pads at present, so if your farmhouse/beach hut/family home is in a position that can only be described as idyllic, then do get in touch with Unique Home Stays. Perhaps you are already renting your home and are looking to capture buyers looking for a business venture? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Discover coastal homes for sale

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