Nestled into the hillside of a Cumbrian reservoir valley, Aquila captures tranquillity. Pulling into the driveway, you leave the rest of the world behind as your eyes are immediately drawn to the still black water which rests below the snow top mountains to the left. All is still, silent, but for the crinkle of stones as you walk down the driveway. It is though time has stood still, motionless, almost like an oil painting.

Yet, if you pause for a moment, you may pick out the speck of an eagle swooping over Haweswater or a sheep ascending into the clouds on the distant hillside.

As you enter your accommodation, you are gently brought back to the warmth of familiarity; comforting open-plan living, boasting both love and character. Itís the subtle touches with Aquila, the three sofas facing inwards, scented candles, ambient lighting; all contributing to relaxation and rejuvenation.

The owner clearly intends to keep you submerged in the Lake District, even when you close the door behind you: the use of wood throughout (furniture and decoration) encourages you to truly feel at one with nature and the stones of Aquila allow you to blend into your surroundings.