As we enter 2021, the need to connect with other human beings feels more important than ever. Gatherings will happen again, and when they do there will be an emphasis on comfort and nostalgia. Smaller weddings will allow people to focus on these values, in return offering the opportunity to create unforgettable guest experiences for those you care about the most. Ginny, co-founder of Virginias Vintage Hire, shares her pick of the key wedding trends to incorporate into your styling over the coming year.

Inspirational interior trends

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The design and style for weddings and events will always be shaped by current interior trends. Lockdown seems to have accelerated a return to a more traditional and simplistic way of living. Eco-chic is a style that reflects our concern with environmental issues and maintaining an environmentally conscious home is more important than ever, playing into our desire for connection to the natural world. As our commitment to sustainability grows, we will see more events incorporating vintage, refurbished or antique furniture and decor; well-loved, original items or heritage pieces are beautiful and practical with a smaller impact on the planet. Adding in a few luxurious elements such as rich fabrics and statement lighting help to keep the look balanced and up to date.


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Tapping into the desire to feel grounded has brought about a renewed focus on craft. In conjunction with conscious consumerism comes the desire to express ourselves through simple designs, traditional textiles, understated furniture and natural materials. Crafting your own decor feels warm and nostalgic. The natural world has huge potential and appeal; use elements such as tree branches, seed pods, leaves and berries, dried flowers, driftwood, shells and stones in your decoration. Include natural fabrics that have a handmade appeal; raw slubby silks, cotton linens, natural wools and heavy weaves will create cosiness. Prints and items with a traditional artisan look will add interest while simple designs that combine well with rustic furniture are the key to creating a natural ambience with a nod to minimalism.


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Large-scale events can take days to put together and those with the environment on their minds will be aware that these events can have also have a large carbon footprint. Current restrictions mean people are planning smaller events, but even so, many are now hosting reduced guest numbers by choice and planning in favour of more sustainable options. Staying local means you can support small businesses and work with suppliers who align with your values. From organic farmers, florists who work with UK-grown, seasonal flowers, small vineyards and field-to-fork caterers, most regions are blooming with talented suppliers. By choosing local you are helping to reduce your event’s environmental impact and putting money back into the local economy.

Colour sets the tone 

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2021 brings an overall theme of warm, serene colours, from soft pastel tones, to calm greys and gentle blues; colours that connect back to nature and the simple things. Creating an event where everyone feels relaxed should be your entertaining ethos. A natural base is calm and comfortable but don't be afraid to add in unexpected fresh doses of colour and statement hues to add individuality and cheerfulness. This year’s colour trend, buttercup yellow, expresses optimism and positivity. Bringing bold colours to linens, centrepieces, glassware and china will add vitality and a punch of personality to your event.

Words by Ginny, co-founder of Virginias Vintage Hire. Some of Ginny’s pieces featured in our recent elopement shoot at The Beach Hut as well as many luxury events, film and TV sets, Virginias Vintage Hire supplies a mix of rustic furniture, statement heritage pieces and eclectic decor items, with storerooms in Scotland and the South West.