More than ever before, the need to look after ourselves is paramount. After almost 12 months of straying not much further than our gardens or nearby parks, of parenting and working around the clock with no relief, it really is time for some well deserved ‘me time’.

Time to unwind in the depths of an activity you love is something that needs to be pushed to the top of the priorities list, and whether wellness to you looks like long solo treks through the mountains or floating on a pink flamingo rubber ring, cocktail in hand on the turquoise waters of an outdoor heated swimming pool (children happily on holiday at home with the grandparents), we encourage you to embrace it with gusto this year. Plan an escape of reading in corners, chefs creating delicious masterpieces for supper (along with cleaning up the mess!) and long lazy lie-ins with no hint of homeschooling on the agenda.

Take a mental health check this spring and return into the world with vitality and joy in one of our wellness retreats.

Iraia, Cornwall

Whether it’s the Ibiza vibes of the Accoya decking, the neat clean lines throughout the interior or the sound of the ocean lapping the beach below, everything about Iraia soothes the soul and frees the mind of tension. Spend mornings here sat on the edge of the outdoor pool, steaming mug of tea in hand as the sun breaks through the watery horizon before sinking into hazy sun-bleached days. Here on Seaton Beach all is calm, offering the perfect antidote to cooped up lockdown days.

The Sculptor’s Gardens, Herefordshire

This luxury home is certainly no stranger to a gathering, and if walls could talk it would whisper tales of Gatsbyesque parties, Champagne towers and frolics between the giant topiary in the gardens. Now, it’s home to a sculptor who has opened the doors to anyone in search of peace in the rolling Herefordshire hills, where walks are aplenty and the sweet smell of apple blossom fills the air in spring. An orchard, wildflowers galore, cinema room and William Holland hot tub in the orangery will ensure every guest will return home with a bounce in their step.

In Clover, Oxfordshire

A retreat where the whole family can let loose, In Clover sure knows how to incite a good time. Outside, the al fresco kitchen will tempt delicate dishes and barbecued delights with herbs picked from the vegetable patch, while children rush around the treehouse and build dens in the garden. A hot tub for starry nights and a games room with a pool table for stormy ones; this Oxfordshire home is a wholesome escape to the country which has the space and tools for all guests to feel at one with themselves again.

Rhapsody, Surrey

Rhapsody has the power to transform from one life to another; from the humdrum of normality to a life down the rabbit hole where anything can happen. Lounge in front of woodburners, salute the sun over a mirrored lake and wander to quiet spots atop hills with a picnic basket for two and not another soul in sight. With space for 12 (when restrictions allow) but room to roam, Rhapsody can bring you together with those you love, while allowing the freedom to stretch out the aches, pains and worries of the past year. Oh, and there’s a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and sunken hot tub with a Moroccan inspired pool hut adjoining, perfect for those hedonistic pool parties you’ve been yearning for.