Consider calming and joyful schemes with a back-to-nature edge when it comes to breathing a new lease of life into your interior scheme this year. Read what Unique Homestays Property Curator Jess predicts for the top interior trends of 2021. 


Maybe it’s so much time I've spent daydreaming of Moroccan riads and antipodean adventures, or all those mud-squelching walks that have been enjoyed over the last year, but there’s a continuation of earthen, back-to-nature themes dominating the interior scene in 2021. From natural pink plaster to tobacco hues and warm terracotta, even the most pared-back of interior schemes will be exuding a cocoon-like vibe this season, with greige base tones adding warmth.

Messy Vitality

Perhaps a reflection of the home-life chaos in which we currently find ourselves immersed, or simply because our private abodes are the only rule-free zones available to us, messy vitality will take precedent over design unity this year. From playful proportions of objects to retro colour combinations and bold, rule-breaking fusions of print and pattern, this is a scheme that is joyful, individual and uplifting.


Undulating organic shapes are at the forefront of many designs for soft furnishings like rugs and cushions and, accessories that imitate nature's forms and colours will also play a large part in the home you create this year. Those of you who have discovered a previously untapped creative flair during lockdown will likely already be accessorising with creations such as linear drawings and natural dyes when it comes to linen accents.

Curated and collated

While supporting local isn’t a new concept, never has it been more essential to get behind small-scale designers and makers. Celebrating the story behind the creations, made from small-batch ceramicists to furniture craftsmen and ethical fabric designers, and opting for pieces that are made with love affords a more meaningful relationship with items in your home. Making design choices sustainable, by incorporating vintage and antique pieces with a timeless aesthetic will create an abode with individuality and personality.


Creating purposeful spaces within larger open plan schemes will continue to be a trend even when we’re spending less enforced time as a household bubble collective. From home office orangery-inspired spaces to hidey-hole book nooks, as much as we have loved the time spent together, creating zones through clever styling and furniture placement effectually designates work and play and together and me time spaces.


Image collage, clockwise from the left: a selection of earthen hues by Hale Mercantile Co; organic forms and this season’s palette combine by DAO Archviz; messy vitality sees a fusion of finishes and forms come together by Studiopepe; curated and collated: handmade objects sit atop timeless design classics with wall art reflecting the current mood by Croft House; support local designers and makers with individualistic pieces, featured on Garden Design; a space for me time by Gubi