It was in the charming seaside town of Beaumaris where Julian Wood first discovered his love for the wild and a passion for an island in which he now calls home. As a young man growing up in Liverpool, Julian is the first to admit that he didn’t have the greatest appreciation for the countryside, stating in a playful manner, “I used to think a cow with horns was a bull.” Life in the city was all he knew until his parents bought a caravan on the Isle of Anglesey and, aged 11, he began to forge an attachment with nature that would one day lead to a longing for an island dwelling of his own.

Now the owner of three properties on Anglesey, each with a different story to tell, Julian is keen for guests to experience the same blessing he feels each day. “I want people to feel like they have had a real escape from the everyday and that their time on the island exceeds their expectations,” explains Julian. “For them to feel the connection to the land that I feel is a special thought.”

When renovating each unique home, it was crucial to Julian that originality ran through and that the rugged landscape was considered at every opportunity. White Beach Cove, a classic Welsh cottage, was Julian’s first project; a property that was acquired from a family friend who quickly became known as ‘Auntie Nancy’ during family holidays some 50 years ago. “It was important that the outside still felt traditional and paid homage to the original cottage,” highlights Julian. “For example, it has been imperative to the three generations of our family that have stayed there that the same shade of blue remains in place. The colour is a true nostalgic essence of the cottage”.

Julian’s second renovation was the 12th-century folly, Saffron Tower, that was discovered in a tumble-down condition in the grounds of the main manor house that once belonged to his mother. When the restoration started, Julian explains that he “wanted to create an eclectic carbon copy of the main manor house using bright colours, traditional furniture and textures.”

The final jewel in Julian’s collection of inspiring homes is Isla Windmill, a structure that dates back to 1741, which has been converted into a home fit for modern life.  “The exterior style of the property is in complete alliance with the original windmill,” says Julian. “It was essential to us that these elements were counteracted with warm luxurious fabrics and elements such as velvets, brass and marble using pieces influenced from the 1970s.”

The locality to the coast, but also the opportunity to explore rural beauty is the mix of ingredients that first drew Julian back to this remote corner of Anglesey.  “On one side you have the sea, on the other side you have Snowdonia, and I can honestly say that I wake up every day and feel blessed to live here. Druids first came to Anglesey for a very particular reason and that’s because it has a very magical feel to it – it is empowering.”

Julian became fascinated by water from a young age and developed a love for the power it has. He recalls, “When I was younger my parents had an outdoor swimming pool and, in the winter, we would break the ice and jump straight in after a sauna with no hesitation.” This early experiment fuelled a desire to experience more of what water can do, ranging from regular sea swims to excursions in the lakes of Snowdonia National Park. “I think there is something very special about being next to the water. I am a great believer in cold water therapy and the benefit of setting you up for the day,” explains Julian. “The only time I don’t head into the sea is if there are lots of jellyfish as I don’t possess a wetsuit. The best way to absorb the sea’s magnesium is through the skin on our legs and there is a special vitality within the mineral salts found in the ocean”.

Excited by the prospect of guests discovering the same connections he has with the Isle of Anglesey, when asked for his recommendations, Julian highlighted his love for cliff walks along the headland to White Beach. “The breathtaking view looking out to sea is powerful – I’d say that’s my favourite thing to do, and the dogs love it. Newborough Forest is on the west coast of the island and that also has a very special place in my heart.”