A place to reconnect with nature and explore the country's best subtropical gardens, Cornwall has always been one of Frieda and her husband Javvy’s favourite destinations. A chance visit to Castle India in 2019 whilst attending the Port Eliot Festival saw their dream location become a home.  “We visited the open gardens which, at the time, was famously home to the renowned royal landscape gardeners Julian and Isabel Bannerman,” stated Frieda. “Walking around the wildly beautiful, pre-Raphaelite wonders planted by the couple, set against the medieval backdrop of the motte-and-bailey castle, felt like something out of a dream. It captivated our senses and imaginations.”

Soon after returning to London, the couple received a serendipitous call from a friend who knew all about their dream to build a more permanent life in Cornwall. An offer to take on an extraordinary project was presented, with the opportunity being, “A little place called Castle India, have you heard of it?”

“Enchanted by the gardens alone, we accepted the offer to take on the estate without even having seen the castle residence. The timing was right: after a decade in London, raising our children while working 24/7 on our interiors brand, House of Hackney, we had been craving a slower, simpler pace of life for our family. So, we uprooted ourselves and answered the call of the wild,” says Frieda.

At first, there were no plans in place for the grounds but Frieda shares, “We could feel the power of sensory healing emanating from all around; in the serene shades of green foliage, in the meditative sound of birdsong, in the heady perfume of the flowers and the swaying arms of ancient trees.” 

With a desire to share their new home with friends and family, Castle India soon turned into a haven for guests burnt out from city life. “After just a few days spent communing in nature, our guests were left feeling rebalanced and rejuvenated; it became apparent to us that a higher vision for Castle India had revealed itself to us. As the new custodians of this magical place, we want to harness the restorative power and create a sanctuary for people looking to rewild themselves and reconnect with nature,” explains Frieda.

Sustainability is at the forefront of this luxury country house and the owners have considered the untamed Cornish countryside in the colourful, inviting design showcased throughout the house's imaginative interiors. Lovingly, Frieda says that, “Given that a compassion for our planet is the cornerstone of everything we do, all elements of the property have been thought of with environmental consciousness in mind.”

Set across nine acres of gardens, woodlands and orchards, each stay here is unique. Be this through swimming solo in the pool or enjoying a secluded dinner under the ancient castle gatehouse, Freida says that her home is the perfect place to, “Revive the soul and the senses through the elements of nature.”