Small in structure yet mighty in stature, Inkwell Cottage exudes all the charm typically found in a Cotswolds stone cottage. However, inside this less-than-ordinary Burford home awaits a treasure trove of playful and imaginative features designed to amuse and delight guests.

Owner Mouse Martin has plenty of experience when it comes to renovating properties, but admits that purchasing this 18th century home was not on her intended agenda. “I was out one morning to visit a friend in the area, buying a pint of milk for her on the way, when I saw the 'for sale' sign. I ventured down the lane and laid my eyes upon the most beautiful cottage - which became the most expensive pint of milk ever!"

Upon arrival, Mouse recalls her first visit to Inkwell Cottage where she was met with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. “There was a peculiar feeling when I first walked through the front door, as I really felt I had been there before and of course, it was because I had” she says. “When I was renovating my first property, I was seeking inspiration and had come across it several years before.”

When the offer was submitted, the estate agent didn’t provide much hope due to the popularity of the property which had received considerable interest. With a stroke of luck, Mouse explains that, “The owners had heard of me on the grapevine as, coincidentally, when they were looking for a design influence, they had used my previous property! Within just 15 minutes the agency called me and revealed that the owners thought I’d be the perfect custodian for the cottage.”

When re-designing the interior, Mouse gifted the cottage a new breath of life, ensuring her personality was imprinted on every nook, wall and cranny. “I wanted to create an artist's retreat vibe, whilst also maintaining an authenticity in-keeping with the area,” she states. “It was important to me that local shops and businesses were utilised when sourcing materials and furniture during the design.”

Every room has been created with the intention of allowing the imagination to flow. Mouse discloses that the artist’s studio is her favourite space at Inkwell Cottage. “I have friends who are budding artists and saw this as the perfect opportunity to showcase some of their work to guests.”

“I feel a great sense of pride each time a new guest gets to experience my home for the first time and the delight that they express only adds to how privileged I am to own it,” she adds. “Whether you want to explore the Cotswolds AONB in which it sits or simply immerse yourself within the charm of the cottage, it offers a true escape from the moment you arrive.”