In a sequestered fold of County Kerry, Ireland, where the landscape is daubed in viridian greens and spectral greys, two properties rise from the mists of time, emerging as beacons of familial bonds and architectural ingenuity. Lost Cottage and Limehouse, owned by siblings Brian and Catherine, are not merely holiday retreats; they are narratives etched in stone and lime, each with a distinctive voice.




Brian's Lost Cottage, once a forgotten ruin and the refuge of wild mountain goats, has been meticulously resurrected. “The authenticity of the renovation was paramount,” Brian notes. To preserve the cottage's timeless appeal, decaying window frames were replicated, and rolled glass was installed. The walls, enveloped in lime render, and the corrugated iron roof, a modern interpretation of its thatched ancestry, now harmonise to create a space that bridges the gap between past and present, ancient and modern.


Within a stone’s throw, Catherine's Limehouse has also been reclaimed from the ashes of neglect. “Peeling back the plaster revealed the original masonry, exposing a dwelling with a tale to tell,” Catherine recounts. The project stripped away the layers of time, uncovering sepia-tinted photographs that hinted at the cottage's resilience during the famine era.




Both homes are woven into the fabric of their surroundings, incorporating sustainable materials and green innovations. Limehouse Cottage's walls, as the name suggests, are built from the original stone and covered in lime externally and internally, while hemp insulation nestles within the roof and walls. The interiors are a fusion of organic elements and contemporary style, with the Lost Cottage embracing a minimalist canvas of white to complement the ever-shifting palette of the landscape, while Limehouse embodies a modern-rustic aesthetic.


For both siblings, the connection to this corner of the world runs as deep as the Atlantic. “On a summer's day, our local beach comes alive with the laughter of generations, from first to fourth cousins, all united in the magic of this place,” Brian reminisces. The rugged coastline, with its craggy cliffs and sandy coves, serves as a backdrop to memories and traditions that have been passed down the years. Catherine, equally enchanted, was drawn to Limehouse Cottage's perch overlooking a mountain lake, where the water's surface reflects the whims of the sky.



Lost Cottage and Limehouse are gateways to the heart of County Kerry, whether you seek adventure or solace. “On a winter's day, it's just you, the sea and the mountains – a thing of raw beauty,” Brian muses. At Limehouse Cottage, Catherine invites guests to immerse themselves in the elements, to plunge into the depths of the lake or to sink into the outside stone bath, watching as the sun's fading beams paint the mountains in shades of heather and hyacinth.

As you step into these siblings’ sanctuaries, you become part of their still-unfolding narrative – a story woven from family bonds, memories, and a love for the Irish countryside. In the words of Brian, “It's like its own little world”. A world in which sometimes the greatest adventures are those that lead us back to our roots, back to the places that call to our souls. Both Lost Cottage and Limehouse stand as testaments to the idea that, no matter where we come from or where we're going, there will always be a place where we belong.

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