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The Beach Hut Weekend With My Sister

Posted to Travellers' Tales by Charlotte on 21st March 2014

Weaving down the country lanes on a dusky spring evening with my sister and puppy Ted on board, we knew instantly when we’d found the secret spot. We crept around the steep bend in the road and were struck by the perfect little beach hut which awaited us at the bottom of the hill, adorned with fairy lights which echoed the stars twinkling in the night sky.

My sister and I clambered out of the car with puppy and bags in tow, and excitedly made for the home that would be ours for the weekend. We padded up the grassy path and across the rustic veranda, tasting the salt in the air. Entering this delightful hideaway, we were enchanted by the wooden interiors and shabby-chic elegance within. The shack had been left beautifully warm and toasty for our arrival, and we soon sank onto the enormous faux fur dressed bed to watch a movie. With Ted cosied up underneath, we fell asleep in an instant to the sound of the waves gently crashing against the cliffs: utterly spellbinding.

When we roused from one of the most restful sleeps we had experienced in years, we were greeted by a beautiful crisp day and ribbons of sunshine pouring in through the windows. We rustled up some scrambled eggs and toast in the modern kitchen and took it out on the decking where we were entertained by some talented local surfers ripping through the waves, making it all look far too easy!

After breakfast we ventured on a brisk walk across to Widemouth Bay. The unparalleled location of The Beach Hut means that the beach is literally on your front door step, and puppy Ted was spoilt for choice with the bevvy of coastal, farmland and woodland walks nearby. Once we’d arrived back feeling satisfyingly windswept, we drove to Bude (only ten minutes away along the coast) and ambled around the quaint seaside town before stopping for some lunch at beachfront restaurant Life’s a Beach. All topped off with a steaming mug of decadent hot chocolate, as we admired more surfers and enjoyed the afternoon winter sunshine glistening over the sea.

Feeling rather naughty after the indulgent hot chocolate and wanting to make the most of the weather, we decided to continue our seaside rambles on Northcott Mount, just north of Bude. What a perfect afternoon it was, having the chance to catch up with my sister with the sand between our toes, fresh air filling our lungs and the rugged North Cornwall coast providing the most stunning of backdrops.

The day flew by; we were enjoying ourselves so much, laughing and reminiscing on our childhood mischief, we almost failed to notice that poor Ted was completely exhausted. His little legs tired, we headed back to the comfort of our luxury retreat. As the sun melted into the sea, we popped open the bottle of bubbly from the brim-full hamper, chinking our glasses to toast a break we’ll cherish for years to come, while Ted dreamt of what walks tomorrow would bring.

After a lazy Sunday morning, we enjoyed a relaxed stroll along the canal and it dawned on us that the weekend was drawing to an end. As I drove my sister back to the airport, we promised we would come back one day, to experience the magic of The Beach Hut all over again.

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21st March 2014
by Charlotte


Hailing from The Isles of Scilly, Charlotte grew up on her family´s farm complete with holiday lets, which is where she learnt all about what makes the perfect home stay experience.

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