How would I describe our wonderful week at Beauport Cottage? Simply put, in my words; a moving landscape that lulled me into a relaxed and meditative state throughout the whole week.

The cottage is a sensory delight, like taking wonderful mouthfuls of delicious food that bring alive all the senses. The true feast for me, had to be the River Yealm and Newton Creek, as it came and went, ebbing and flowing, day in and day out. The landscape here takes you on a journey of effortless meditation as time drifts by, lulling and leading the mind, body and soul into a place of deep, deep stillness and relaxation. Once we parked the car we had no need to use it again and took great pleasure in experiencing the beautiful scenery, delightful walks and idyllic charm of the cottage, so blissful.

The wooden seat right at the front by river's edge became my favourite spot to sit. In the early throes of the morning sunrise how magical to catch the first glimpse of the sun rising over the hill. Watching the mist swirl as it traced its way along the creek and river, almost like the dawn breathing new life into the day as it connects with and weaves its way along the river. This seat became our window with a view, as we shared morning tea, delicious coffee, lazy lunches, glasses of wine, nibbles and delightful chilled champagne from our favourite nature’s window seat. 

The front bedroom is a haven of tranquillity, framed by the magical ever-changing views. A beautiful natural light fills the room and beautiful bedlinen caresses your body like a loving arm being draped upon you. The luxurious king-size bed is so snuggly that I found myself being held in its gentle embrace as I delved deep into a delightful slumber each and every night of my stay, so divine and delicious.

There is a summerhouse which provides a place of serenity, made even more heartfelt by being curled up in a chair with a book, whilst snuggling under a blanket. The charm of Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo weaved its magic through the very fabric of me and deep into my soul. I came to the cottage to rest and prepare for imminent heart surgery. I left feeling rested, calm and holistically prepared for surgery,and that is a gift.

It is impossible not to notice the magic that is present in this delightful cottage situated right by the water’s edge. Holding Beauport Cottage in its embrace are the moving landscapes of the boats, birds, and the kaleidoscope of activity and the unfolding memories of river life, topped off with the tranquillity of the environment, whist being surrounded by and ensconced within the many guises of nature. Simply divine.

Beauport Cottage was everything I had hoped for, with special memories forever in my heart. I hope you create special memories here too.