Over four years ago I was looking on Pinterest for an idea about decorating and came across a photo of a beautiful round window over a bed with crisp white sheets, a magazine thrown on the top and matching blue mugs plus a view of the ocean through the window. I fell in love and that photo became my screen saver for years. 


One day I decided to do some research about where this place was and came across an interview with the owner Katherine where I learnt more about the beach hut. I found out it could be rented and... jump to two years later when I found out my son was going to London for a trip and I had a week off to go anywhere in England by myself! 


The Edge was free for those dates... When I finally arrived I felt as if I had stepped into the photo I had been mesmerising about and suddenly everything was in three dimensions - for a moment - until I had to hand back the keys and step out of the picture. 


I took away with me wonderful memories of the ocean and its soothing waves. The hot tub in the rain and mist, the footpath to Rame and the gorgeous views, the heat from the fireplace and the hours spend starring out of (my) round window. I could live in this house overlooking Whitsand Bay forever, I really could.