Endless sea views, copious cups of coffee, the most comfortable bed Iíve ever slept in and many gin and tonics in the sunshine; could a weekend be more perfect? Well actually, yes! Just throw in a hot tub and an indulgent hamper of all things local and you have Atlanta.

We arrived late in the evening to our Whitsand Bay escape, but the sun was still slowly descending over the sea and it was warm enough to stand outside on the terrace, glass of Champagne in hand, taking in the amazing surroundings of this beautiful cabin. We were relaxed within moments of our arrival and knew this weekend was going to be perfect; we soon fell into the enormous four-poster bed and snoozed to the sound of the waves below.

A five-minute ramble down the cliff path lands you straight onto Freathy beach, so after filling up on a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs while gazing across the ocean from the kitchen table, we found ourselves on an amazing stretch of sand and rocks. We spent the next hour paddling in rock pools as we walked the length of the beach. Daily step goal completed, we sank into the loungers back on the terrace and enjoyed iced coffees in the sun. Later that afternoon we indulged in what must be the best view for a barbecue ever.

It was so lovely just to sit, watch and listen, to get away from the busy pressures of everyday life and to read a book or listen to music, to take notice of what was around. Atlanta is a little piece of paradise nestled on a clifftop and although less than an hour away from my home, for me, this felt like true escapism.