As we drove through winding country roads, disappearing further and further into the rolling countryside, the excitement began to rise as we remembered the images from the website, although, not even the gallery could prepare us for what we were about to experience.

The wooden gates opened to reveal Viola’s stunning grounds, bordered by rolling hills, every inch built for relaxation. The outdoor heated pool, Jacuzzi, al fresco dining area and fishing lake awaited. Inside, the house oozed elegance, yet French country interiors conveyed a welcoming feeling. After a tour of the house, we eagerly claimed our rooms and with every bedroom sporting its own style and charm, all personalities of our party were catered for. The master bedroom included modern touches with a steam shower and the luxurious bed invited late morning snoozes and afternoon naps to re-gain your strength from the house’s many adventures. The rest of the rooms featured calming décor worthy of a White Company ad.

Once we settled in, our first evening was spent in the Jacuzzi before retreating to the ‘man cave’ for a nightcap. The morning after began with the smell of bacon drifting through the country kitchen as we prepared breakfast gazing at the view of the fishing lake. Viola fully occupied the weekend as poolside relaxation, heart-racing Formula 1 sessions and walks around the grounds overtook any desire to leave the house and explore the local area.

For those seeking escapism, the Formula 1 simulators allow you to step into some of the most iconic cars throughout history, and on the track today. Adrenaline rose as the simulators switched on, the gentle whine of hydraulic rams humming to life, promising imminent adventure. From here, it was simply a case of picking a track, choosing the car of your dreams, and doing your best to keep it on the racing line! Fast straights, sweepings turns, and punishing chicanes are sure to keep even the most masterful of drivers on their toes, the roar of the engine and motion of the simulator making you almost wonder if you’re not really there.

After a few hours spent in the games barn, the day swiftly came to an end and it was time to prepare dinner. Viola’s open-plan kitchen was a dream to cook in, you’ll find everything you need to cater for extravagant celebratory dinners or simplistic pared-back lunches in the well-stocked pantry. As we were looking to make the most of every minute, heading back to the barn was a must to indulge in one last gin and tonic from the beautifully bespoke bar and a competitive game of table tennis, before retreating to the house to clamber into our marshmallow-soft beds.

Never in any of our lives has lethargy and strolling up to bed been so enjoyable.

So peaceful, so utterly perfect.