After model Andja Lorein visited our quintessential Cotswolds cottage, Little Scarlet this spring, we were curious to find out what she got up to during her stay and learn more about her successful modelling career. For Andja, nudity represents a comfortable and natural state. She’s been featured in many magazines over the decades, showcasing her ethos of embracing the skin she’s in. ‘When I started taking photos, the photographers very quickly understood that I did not need to make an effort to undress and that I was even more comfortable than dressed’. She says that it’s not a need to show herself naked, but an extreme non-modesty, as if her skin was her clothing. ‘I have nothing to hide, neither in my body, nor in my head, and I am not afraid of being transparent. I want to be myself without restriction, and to show the whole world that nudity and sexuality are beautiful when we look with the heart.’

Andja came to Unique Homestays looking for a couples’ retreat in The Cotswolds, away from city stress, 'Little Scarlet was exactly what we needed' she says. 'We arrived on Friday afternoon, the weather was lovely with a nip in the air as if ordered for the occasion by the owner, who prepared a roaring log fire for our arrival. Little Scarlet met and exceeded all our expectations.' Andja ventured five minutes to a quaint local shop to buy welly boots for the weekend. 'Discovering the village was a sweet experience, Burford seems to come straight out of a fairytale. Before dinner, we had a shower and a glass of Prosecco as we chilled to Billie Holiday on the crackling retro vinyl player.' They went on to one of the restaurants recommended in Little Scarlet’s owner guide, where they relaxed and laughed with the locals.

They spent their weekend laughing, taking pictures and videos, making stops in almost every pub on their walks around the Cotswolds countryside. 'The owner was an amazing concierge, making reservations for us in the nicest restaurants she knows. We didn’t have to worry about planning as she had such good taste!'

On their last day, a rainy and windy Sunday morning creating the perfect mood. 'It was as if we were in a movie' says Andja. 'Lunch booked by the owner led us to an exquisite quintessential restaurant followed by a massage at a hidden gem of a spa in an eco-farm. As I was feeling so comfortable in the cottage, I remember saying let’s go back home darling, referring to Little Scarlet. I must say thank you to the team at Unique Homestays and the owner of Little Scarlet for this amazing weekend. For sure, we look forward to renewing the experience and we can't recommend this sweet cottage enough.'