On a damp and gusty Friday, my partner and I made our way along pot-holed lanes towards the little town of North Bovey. Tucked away between rolling hills and rugged moorland, we pulled into the drive and stepped out into crisp night air, the hooting of owls sounding our welcome at The Riddle. A quick fumble with the key safe and we stepped inside, greeted by a cosy foyer and kitchen. We immediately dropped our bags and set to exploring, finding clues as to the property’s namesake among the warmth and comfort. After a quick and oh-so-necessary drink in the charming pub just across the little village green, we settled in for our first night, toasting to a great weekend while tucking into freshly baked scones with lashings of cream.

Waking up the next morning was a languorous affair, late morning sunlight filtering through the curtains of the Sherlock suite. On Saturday we decided that, after a long and generous breakfast, a walk at nearby Becky Falls would help clear the cobwebs of the working week. Just a few miles down the road we strolled along woodland paths, clambered over rocks and boulders, felt the spray of waterfalls, and enjoyed the escapism that the countryside offers. Eventually, we returned to The Riddle for the evening, enjoying a glass of wine in the lounge and preparing risotto in the warm kitchen, before cosying up in the cinema snug with popcorn and blankets. The next day we dragged ourselves out of the king-size sheets and this time set out to explore the nearby Castle Drogo. A winding valley-top path led down to a charming riverside pub, making a tempting pitstop before wending our way back along the river and beginning a long and gentle climb to the car. Happily exhausted, we returned to The Riddle to begin a long evening of reading in the lounge by the electric fire, thrilling action films in the cinema snug, and eventually midnight pancakes on the cherry red Aga.

When it was time to depart, we packed the car and enjoyed a final creamy coffee from the Miele coffee machine, and waved goodbye to our weekend hideaway. There, in the little town of North Bovey, it waits for the next set of travellers to step inside and begin their adventure.