Should one wish to truly escape their everyday, Gulliver’s Hall takes guests on an adventure like no other. As if straight out the pages of those trusty childhood favourites, we were greeted at the top of the sweeping driveway by a chorus of green and herd of resident Welsh black cattle, before proceedomg down the sycamore wrapped avenue.

We arrived at the luxury Cotswold farmhouse late afternoon and were taken aback by the surroundings, marvelling at everything from the historic family sculptures dancing around the grounds to the spa enclosed by quintessential Cotswold stone. Walking into the entrance hall set our imaginations alight; doors to mini worlds of flamboyance and endless possibilities for hide and seek!

Moving through each impeccably designed room, each had a different story to tell and while uncovering the tales intertwined throughout each stained glass window and ancestral portrait, we met a permanent resident of the house, named ‘Gulliver’, a descendant of an oak tree that was felled 45 years ago and now takes the shape of the kitchen table. Resembling the famous Gulliver on Lilliput beach, the tree was given the name due to its likeness to the character during the owner’s attempts to tie it down to the trailer.

Choosing a bedroom for the night was like those moments spent in a sweet shop as a child, an impossible task; each as tempting as the next, vibrant in colour and flaunting different views of the grounds. Once we had decided, bags were discarded and we made our way out to the contemporary pool house, spending several hours watching the world go by from the warmth of the hot tub. The remaining embers of the summer sun allowed us to enjoy a few lengths in the swimming pool before finishing the evening with pizza to the sweet serenade of a local nightingale.

With so much to explore, Gulliver’s Hall is the true definition of escapism, perfect for those looking to gather the whole family or a simple weekend away with friends. With extensive lawns, a tennis court and a variety of spa facilities, there is something for everyone to savour.