We had our sights set on an intimate wedding ceremony. So, when we discovered The Stack during our venue search, we knew it fit the brief: it was small, intimate, and unique, the kind of place you fall in love with at first sight. We journeyed for four hours to see the venue in person, and our entire wedding plan fell into place as the sun beamed on the restored engine house.  

We were able to plan our entire day from afar, and the events planner at Unique Homestays was always on hand with expert advice; fielding questions, sending recommendations, and ensuring a seamless approach to what became one of the most memorable days of our lives.

A collage of three images, including a bride fastening her shoe, a bridal party in front of a stone tower, and floral arrangements

We decided to stay at The Stack for an entire week, making it a holiday as well as a wedding celebration. Our closest friends and family came with us, meaning days of morning-to-night celebration with our favourite people in the world. Though, we barely saw the children, whose fascination with the grounds and enchanting tower led to many hours spent in the throes of hide and seek, whilst the grown-ups busied ourselves with barbecues and cocktails on the terrace.

On the morning of the ceremony, the bridal party spent time pampering with bottles of fizz, whilst the men ventured beyond the grounds for a nerve-settling breakfast and beers. The day passed like a dream, with laughter and happy tears all around. We married in the afternoon, and went on the have the feast of all feasts, cooked by the most fabulous chefs, and serenaded by musicians in a stretch tent surrounded by flowers. The only thing left to do was dance the night away.

A collage of three images including a neon sign, children in conversation, and a groom kissing a bride on the forehead

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