I woke up this morning to a vision of turquoise blue waters gently lapping a golden bay. There's a swaying palm tree, flawless blue sky and handsomely bronzed man gazing back at me from the shoreline. No I’m not on my honeymoon. I’d merely snoozed my morning alarm to begin perusing through endless Instagram feeds of beautiful wanderlust-fuelled photography. Don’t be fooled by this smiley, glossy-skinned chap either - he has no intention of getting his designer trunks wet. You can forgive him for wearing the giant gold inflatable unicorn though, the fashion mags say they're all the trend this summer. 

Just like promenading along seaside boulevards in Victorian times, online posing is the sport of this decade. To help you on your way, we’ve picked seven of the most photogenic escapes which will have all your followers swooning over your social media snaps. Prepare for heart-eyes emoji overload as you explore the best places to see AND be seen in.

Lost Cottage


Set in the remote County Kerry townland of Treangarriv, this iconic Irish cottage is one of the fairest in the land. The pared-back hideaway once served as a shelter to the mountain wildlife and today there's even a life-size model goat in the master bedroom paying homage to the former residents. Once you've captured all the enchanting idiosyncrasies of the rustic interiors, step outside onto Star Wars filming locations and enjoy some of the world's most unique landscapes.

The Found


The Found is an occasion house with a capital 'O'! This imposing Martello tower looks like it could have landed from the sky, with three floors of contemporary living spaces wrapped around one huge central brick shaft. Pipes of natural light flood through the fortress’s three-metre masonry walls via drilled holes, whilst modern-rustic interiors afford a striking backdrop for those all-important house party pictures.

The Sanctuary


The Sanctuary marries New Forest country style with upstate New York cabin culture to offer a unique rough-luxe couples’ retreat. In keeping with it's former use as an artist's workshop, this inspired bolthole oozes industrial style. Lovebirds can fill their Instagram feeds with shots of one another practising yoga poses on the lawn, frolicking in the hot tub and cycling around the countryside with wicker baskets full of goodies from the local pop-up farm shop. #couplegoals

The Parsonage


Amidst 12 acres of landscaped gardens, the sweeping driveway, intricate topiary and uninterrupted views of the Malvern Hills create a dreamy setting at this luxury country home near the Cotswolds. Magical swathes of Wisteria frame the red brick entrance, making way for sublimely stylish family holiday affairs.



You'll have to upgrade your iPhone memory before a stay at Nautilus. From the zig-zag tiled kitchen to the gallery of straw hats and gorgeous rough stone walls adored with vintage beachy artwork - this house is stuffed to the beams with style. Don't miss the heavenly sea view from the master bedroom, now that is the money shot.

The Osprey


It doesn't get much better than this large, luxury homestay overlooking the serene waters of Lake Windermere. Pose at the end of the jetty in a floaty dress, barefoot, for the ultimate "look at our dreamy private lakehouse" holiday snap. Keep it looking natural though.



Whether it's the breath-taking vistas of the Lizard Peninsula or the boho chic interiors, Siren was made for being photographed. Coral pink sofas and a gold palm tree lamp give the sitting room a cool, Club Tropicana vibe, where the deep window seat is the perfect spot to capture the sea views. Add an open book and frosty mojito (yes there's a private cocktail bar here) to crank the holiday vibes up to the max.