The second we got our van, my partner and I started planning our road trip through France. There were a few places on our bucket list; wine tasting in Saint-Émilion, surfing in Mimizan and wandering the quaint boutique-filled streets of Bayonne. So we packed up the van, full to the brim with swimsuits and surfboards, and after an overnight ferry ride, our road trip from Roscoff to Bayonne began. This is a selection of the songs that bring back memories of sunny drives and sandy afternoons. Listen on Spotify

  1. Poisson Rouge | Saint Privat
  2. Sunset | Tobias Bergson
  3. Love Me | Smeyeul and Galvanic
  4. Follow The Sun | Xavier Rudd
  5. I Melt with You | Modern English
  6. All The Time | Bahamas
  7. Laisse tomber les filles |France Gall
  8. Cold Little Heart |Michael Kiwanuka

Parts of France reminded me of the Cotswolds' romantic honey-hued streets, an area that could almost be Saint-Émilion's charming English cousin. Anthology Farm is where I would take my friends and family for a reunion post-lockdown or, for a more intimate escape, storybook-worthy thatched cottage Pollyanna would win every time.