The longest day of the year and the largest music event in the country have marked the beginning of summer with heatwaves and glitter, sequins and sea swims. It is here that the British tumble outside to dine, to embrace and to sleep as stars spangle the ether and dragonflies flit over trickling streams.

Warm mornings move our breakfast tables and windows are flung open, birdsong filtering into our dreams from the early hours as the sun stretches into the sky, reminding us that there is so much to love about life.

The summer solstice brings with it warmth and openness; releasing energy into our bones, the flowers and air. This closest day to the sun is a beacon of hope and a marker of joy; beyond here lies beach days and sunsets, park picnics and an events calendar bursting with festival flags, brass bands and ice-cold bottles of fizz.

Our gardens are filled with ripening strawberries; hedgerows festooned with the remaining confetti of fragrant elderflower petals and streets echo with beats drifting from terraces and bedrooms. They say music is the food of love, but in the British summertime it is so much more, bringing whole communities together; rejoicing as one body as the bass reverberates between and connecting souls in dusty fields or gentle melodies the background to intimate storytelling around campfires.

Dappled sunshine glitters on woodland rivers, otter cubs play in the shallows, purple heather blankets moorland, butterflies linger on sunflowers and home grown veg swells into promise of alfresco suppers. It is in these fleeting months that our wild isles come into their own; as free as the breeze which drifts over the sea to the setting sun.

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