Unique [juːˈniːk], adjective

  1. Being the only one, without a like or equal

Folk [fəʊk], noun

  1. Someone or something associated with traditional or common culture, especially those who live in the countryside
  2. A certain kind, class, or group of people
  3. (archaic) A group of kindred tribes forming a nation 

The Unique Folk Loyalty Programme was born from the school of thought that believes community is king. With an ethos that speaks to the secret ideals of the nomad inside, our programme rewards guests by initiating the first few steps of the next adventure. So often associated with hedonism, luxury travel clubs no longer mean congregating in the overcrowded hangouts of the rich and (not quite) famous. For unique folk, glossy hotels, glass elevators and beach clubs pulsating to the beat of the resident DJ have been replaced for a more hushed form of high-living.

Conventionally, folk culture denotes the practices of isolated groups who choose to live in rural locations; a lifestyle where tradition, creative arts, a sense of place and belonging is at the heart. Unique Homestays bridges the gap between such a philosophy and a more modern way of life.

Members of Unique Folk have access to undiscovered gems. Remote couples’ hideaways steeped in romance, bohemian homes belonging to the UK’s (actual) famous and free-spirited private retreats where yoga tutors and culinary wizards can be invited in to enrich your experience.

So, for the vagabonds and wayfarers, design lovers and interior aficionados, bread makers and cocktail-shakers, find out how we honour your seat at our table in the Unique Folk Loyalty Programme in time for redemption season (November through March). For those who have holidayed with us over the last few years, log in to your account to see how many points you have earned and where we recommend you spend them...