Laying on a patchwork blanket, picking out constellations, lunching by trickling streams, and not even thinking of getting out of the spongiose bed until brunch. It’s not too late. In fact, there’s something ever-so romantic about throwing caution to the wind and sticking a pin in the map; whether you land on far-flung coastal coordinates or a seemingly uninhabited wilderness, the chances are, we’ll have a unique luxury home nearby. If a Valentine’s break in the UK is whispering sweet nothings in your ear, beckon your beau to the sofa and pick a place to hole up for a long weekend (before the other lovers beat you to it).


For sea seekers

GP2596 - A white-washed living room with sofas and woodburner, and an open door to the cliffs overlooking sea

Let’s call this chapter: Two Went to the Sea. With cable-knit jumpers, wellington boots, and a linen shirt or two for those coffee-sipping mornings on the deck, a courtship by the coast brings weathered romance that you used to think was only reserved for a Modern Love column. With cob cottages, converted chapels, and wooden cabins that appear to hang over the ocean, there’s a unique home for whatever weekend persona the two of you will take on (from surfing sweethearts to honeymooners-in-practise). Pick up a bouquet from a florist in the nearby village, some burrata and chilli oil for brunch, and a postcard for the memory box, then stroll back to your diggings along the sand, letting the dogs run ahead carrying streamers of seaweed.

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For hot tub sinkers

GP2595 - A hot tub with a bottle of beer, overlooking the sparkling sea at sunset

Soothed muscles, deeper sleeps, featherweight buoyancy… and an unmatched place for puppy love to prosper. Lovers love a hot tub. Think starlight, coupes of blood orange margarita, and Al Green crooning over the sound system; and maybe a discreet private chef is kneading pizza dough in the kitchen. While such perfect evenings aren’t hard to come by in our romantic cottages made for two, it is February, so there’s a touch of Russian roulette about; you might get Cornwall’s best beaches dredged in sun, or a Hebridean loch sifted with snow. But if you’re not averse to getting soaked on the beach and doing the skinny-dip-dash to the hot tub for warm-ups, there’s all to play for no matter the forecast.

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For the wild at hearts

GP2597 - A fairytale brick cottage with an open upstairs barn door is covered by green foliage

Perhaps you’ll tuck into apple juice and scrambled eggs al fresco in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, perhaps you’ll feed grapes in a glass-roofed sunken bath, perhaps you’ll flip heart-shaped pancakes in an off-grid eco-home. The wilderness awaits two in search of absolute seclusion; from folkish mountain homesteads to whitewashed cottages on the lake’s edge. With some just a couple of hours from London, and others ways away across the Irish Sea, you can make it a shotgun weekend away from the Big Smoke, or a lovers’ weeklong love nest. All that's left to do is pack a duffel with boots and biscuits for the tea, and off to the country with you (and the dog can come, too!)

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