Every great story has a summer house. Places where journal entries are penned on the front porch, orange-rind smiles are exchanged at the breakfast table, and a breeze tousles the pages of the protagonistís well-thumbed book. The summer house stands as a beacon of sprightliness: romantic and playful, carrying the traditions of yesteryear into the twenty-first century. From grand villas with crooning Salzburg appeal to clapperboards that feel more Colorado than Cornwall, our round-up of Britain and Irelandís best summer houses will take you from Nicholas Sparksí chapters to the silver screen.

Wildwood Holt

The perfect summer house: Wildwood Holt in Cornwall

Where: Wildwood Holt†in Cornwall.

Why: Step into a scene from The Parent Trap at a summer house fit for the great American wilderness.

The Viewing Gallery

The perfect summer house: The Viewing Gallery, Cornwall

Where: The Viewing Gallery†in Cornwall.

Why:†Southern-style living overlooking Portreath in a home that looks a lot like a scene from†The Notebook.


The perfect summer house: Monterey, Cornwall

Where: Monterey†in Cornwall.

Why: An "on the sands" home with classic Californian appeal, known as Cornwall's secret slice of The OC.

Lost Cottage

The perfect summer house: Lost Cottage in Kerry, Ireland

Where: Lost Cottage†in Ireland.

Why:†A lakefront stay in an International Dark Sky Reserve that has a touch of Banshees Of Inisherin energy.


The perfect summer house: Orpheus, Suffolk

Where: Orpheus†in Suffolk.

Why: Step into a Gatsby-Von Trapp fusion at this ornate manor where pomp and pool parties collide.

Walden Lakehouse

The perfect summer house: Walden Lakehouse in Westmeath, Ireland

Where: Walden Lakehouse†in Ireland.

Why: A†back-to-nature†lake house where could-be Transcendentalist writers come to rewild themselves.

The Glasshouse

The perfect summer house: The Glasshouse in Cardigan, Wales

Where: The Glasshouse†in Wales.

Why: A glass-fronted house composed by a duo of classical musicians, offering a front-row seat to the season.

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