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The British NordicThe British Nordic

We owe much to The Nordics. Givers of Edvard Munch and the Moomins, of LEGO and longships, of saunas and smörgåsbords. We delight in its concepts: the comforts of hygge, the balance of lagom, the “being outdoors no matter the weather” of friluftsliv. The latter, no doubt, the concept most adopted by us habitues of Britain, learned by osmosis across The North Sea, perhaps, or transported in schooners alongside crates of grain and iron ore. Somewhere along the way, we borrowed their yoke sweaters, and they our Fair Isle socks. We read from Hans Christian Andersen, and they from Dickens. We ate cinnamon buns and sang Super Trouper and coaxed ourselves into lakes too cold for our own good. And we brought the elements in: untreated wood and woollen rugs, ergonomic chairs and stoneware, and hand-carved toys sent straight from the workshop.


Wildwood Holt

Wildwood Holt: A wooden house surrounded by woodlandOn the left, a white sofa with stone window; on the right, a staircase in a whitewashed hall

There’s kitchen islands made for kneading pie crust, a wooden rocking horse at the foot of a sleigh bed, and timber windows that frame a pocket of great outdoors; all this in a woodland cabin in Cornwall’s hidden valley.



Hollyhocks: a black and white Tudor house within a topiary garden
On the left, a kitchen with wooden floor and beams; on the right, a plump sofa in moody interior

It might be a Tudor build with an Alice in Wonderland topiary lawn and ties to medieval knights, but its beams owe their legacy to Stockholm tar; you'll find it in Herefordshire's Eardisland, though it feels more like Örland.



Novella: a whitewashed converted building with blue window frames
On the left, a blue velvet sofa in front of a large Gothic window; on the right, a winding staircase

In prime position for stargazing on Exmoor, where the Northern Lights have been known to show their neon stripes, this quaint cob cottage might have the look of a prairie chapel, but its rebellious history dates to 1685.


Little Inka

Little Inka: two cabins connected by a courtyard with a fire bowl
On the left, a bed in a cabin with a glass roof; on the right, a black rustic kitchen

Morning mists might linger over Bodmin Moor, but this soot-black homestead brings all the copper bath and patchwork blanketed warmth of home, with just a sprinkling of Viking settlement aesthetic for good measure.


The Dancer's Room

White Crow Cottage: a thatched roof cottage in a large garden surrounded by trees
On the left, an artsy living room with a portrait on the wall; on the right, a pink beamed bedroom

In a Medieval hamlet once ruled by Kings and goldsmiths, this Oxfordshire cottage (with all its Icelandic poppy velvet) is a rings’ throw from Tolkien’s stomping ground, where the Aragorn of Norse mythology took form.


The Hatch

The Hatch: a white cottage with a thatched roof in a beautiful garden
On the left, a white living room with plump sofa and large window; on the right, a set dining table

When the time comes to batten down the hatches, choose a “more Copenhagen than Cornish” cottage that flies in the face of predictable seaside sojourns. It’s all of what Britain does best, but with hygge by the bucket.



Eirianfa: a white country house with a rowboat lake
On the left, a whitewashed wall with art and baskets; on the right, a rustic kitchen with beams

This Welsh smallholding was designed with homefolk in mind; think crackling fires, long tables toppling under the weight of pink wine and honey loaves, and perchance a cold plunge in the spring-fed lake before the hot tub.


Under the Yew Tree

Under the Yew Tree: a monastery cottage surrounded by a low wall and lush garden
On the left, a dining table against whitewashed wall; on the right, a luxury bed in a modern cottage

With leaded windows and monastic walls, this monkish Cotswolds home might be out of place in those secular Nordic societies, but its design sensibilities point to the simple pleasures of cocoa, candlelight, and quality time.


Pepper Shack

Pepper Shack: a black cottage with dark interiors
On the left, a four poster bed in a dark room; on the right, a Crittall double shower

Dark fruits, dark wine, and dark chocolate will be on the menu in a Hampshire hideaway so inky dark, you´ll light the fire and make believe you´re stranded in the wilderness; you might as well be the last two on Earth.


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Properties featured in this article: Eirianfa, Pepper Shack, Wildwood Holt, Little Inka, The Hatch, Under the Yew Tree, Novella, The Dancer´s Room, Hollyhocks

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