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Unique Living

Here we come together with our owners, guests and friends to bring you inspiring blog posts to ensure that you can ‘Live Unique’ all year round, long before and after your own Unique Homestays experiences.

Travellers' Tales

A Weekend at Serpentine

20th November 2017 by Rewan

When my friends and I had the opportunity for a weekend getaway at Serpentine there was not a moment’s hesitation; supplies were packed, cars were fuelled, and we converged on the property from Cornwall, London, and the Midlands.

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Night Coasteering

Night Coasteering

Newquay Activity Centre kindly invited The Unique Home Stays team to go night coasteering as a pre-Halloween treat under the shimmering moonlight.

31st October 2017

The Only Two People In The World
Travellers' Tales

The Only Two People In The World

Turning off the country road and onto Wishbone’s long drive the two of us began to feel the magic happening. Rows of autumn trees offered their amber salutes as we pressed on, going through the gate, and pulling up outside the stables where a friendly nose poked inquisitively out of the window.

13th October 2017

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